Bronze statuette Owl. Christian Peschke (1946 - 2017) Germany.



Bronze Statue Owl Christian Peschke (1946 - 2017) Germany Dimensions: 10.5 x 17.5 x 7 cm One-of-a-kind original! Artist and sculptor. Christian Peschke's early years were spent in Germany, Spain, and France. He was born in Bad-Seckingen, and after living with his family in Spain and France, he ended up in Stuttgart, where at the age of twelve, by special government permission, he was accepted into the Stuttgart State Academy of Fine Arts. He studied painting, but was also drawn to sculpture, and in 1967 he created his first large sculpture. After several years of further academic training at the Blocherer School for Interior Architecture and Communication Design in Munich, he gained practical experience working as a creative director for a commercial enterprise. In the late 1970s, Peschke formed friendships with Salvador Dali, Arno Breker, and Ernst Fuchs. From 1982, Peschke settled in Spain as a freelance artist. A new creative stage involved continued trips to Western European countries with a particular interest in Italy and France, where he lived and worked for some time. In addition to a large number of paintings and graphic works, Christian Peschke's creative legacy includes a number of monumental works installed in cities across Europe. The master's life and artistic path were cut short at the age of 71. The artist's work is presented in temporary exhibitions at the specially built Peschke House in Flintsbach-am-Inn (Rosenheim district). The modern new building was designed by Peschke and his wife Angelika Peschke. Since 2015, the house has served as the artist's studio and exhibition forum. Additionally, the house has become a meeting place for European artists and art lovers. According to the founders' vision, Peschke-House should be a "place for creative people" and promote contemporary art.
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