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Herend is a brand that has been heard by admirers and collectors of elite porcelain for more than two centuries. The peculiarity of the products is that they are created exclusively by hand and represent real works of art.

In 1826, the Herend manufactory was founded in Hungary, which immediately attracted the attention of connoisseurs of classic hard porcelain. In the period from 1851 to 1937, she was awarded 24 awards at various exhibitions around the world. The popularity of this brand was also given by the fact that Emperor Franz Joseph was among his admirers. The Herend manufactory became the official supplier of porcelain for the Habsburg family, it was in great demand among aristocrats from foreign countries.

Among the regular customers of the products were: English King Edward VII, Russian Tsar Alexander II, and later Nicholas II.

Since 1839, the Herend brand has been producing porcelain products that, in their style, shape and pattern, reflected the best traditions of Chinese art. In 1851, the most famous Herend pattern, made in a floral theme, was presented in London. It included images of blooming peonies and butterflies in pleasant bright colors. The collection was named "Victoria" and was awarded a Gold medal. Queen Victoria herself did not remain indifferent to such works of art and ordered a luxurious porcelain set for Windsor Castle.

In 1867, another exhibition of porcelain products was held in Paris, in which the Herend manufactory also took part. The brand's products had a stunning success and popularity here. Its high quality has helped to attract more and more new customers, deliveries to Paris alone have increased many times. In 1872, the brand was granted the right to use the patterns and shapes of the Vienna Porcelain Manufactory.

Among the fans of the Herend brand is the famous Rothschild banker, who ordered a porcelain set with an exquisite pattern decorated with the image of birds and green leaves. On each product, you could see a pattern in the form of a gold necklace hanging on a branch. In such an interesting style, the masters reflected one family legend of the Rothschilds, telling about the lost and then accidentally found in the garden necklace of the baroness. The masterful execution of this service attracted the attention of many, it was purchased by the Emperor of Japan, the King of Thailand, the Sultan of Brunei and the royal courts of many European countries.

The name of Herend decors is reminiscent of the names of many famous customers of porcelain products, in particular, Apponi, Victoria, Battiani, Rothschild. Now the products of the manufactory are present in museum and private collections, and the brand itself is associated with an international porcelain brand. Herend is a member of the Community of European Porcelain Manufactories. The main emphasis in the products is made on overglaze porcelain painting, all the paint is absolutely safe for health. Herend's activities have been awarded the Hungarian Heritage Award.

The factory in Herende remained faithful to the old traditions of production. Most of the work in modeling and painting, as well as a century ago, is done manually - after all, no machine can replace the sensitive hand of the artist. Therefore, products with the brand of Herenda belong to the world class of artistic porcelain.

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