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In 1818, in the village of Kuzyaevo Bogorodsky district of the Moscow province (directly not far from me)), three brothers - Ivan, Tikhon and Semyon of the new founded one of the oldest porcelain factories of the Russian Empire. The company produced porcelain dishes and decorative sculpture, focusing in the first years on the products of the Massensky manufactory and the Gardner factory. For a couple of decades, the plant has become one of the best enterprises of the Gzhel bush. After the death of all three brothers, in 1848, the widow of the last owner, Tikhon New, accepted into the house of Yakov Khrapunov "son -in -law in the house to his daughter -in -law", but set a condition for the company to be called a double surname - Khrapunov -New, to preserve the memory of the founders of the plant. Russia. Over the years of his leadership, Yakov Khrapunov-News significantly expanded the production, equipping the workshop with modern and productive equipment. In 1853, only 45 people worked at the factory, and in 1871 it was already 245. With the transition of the plant to Khrapunov’s hands, talented craftsmen who developed their own style and glorified enterprise appeared.

as they say now, the plant had their own chips, such as the performance of the products of the same style in the same style, but with different elements of decor and tones. Products without painting were decorated with stucco molding. And if the item did not have colored extension, then the white background was generously painted with flowers and decorated with a gold ornament. At the end of the 19th century, the plant produced numerous products in the form of various fruits, animals, birds, as well as caskets, boxes in the form of trees, houses and other elements. Khrapunov supplied a large number of products to the Asian region, it was distinguished by bright variegated patterns and specific ornaments.

at the beginning of the 20th century, the heirs of Khrapunov-New sold the manufactory of Democratic Partnership. She led the factory before the October Revolution. In 1918, the enterprise was nationalized and renamed the Kuzyaevsky porcelain factory, which continued to produce dishes, including for the Soviet Asian republics and abroad. In the days of the USSR, the Kuzyaevsky porcelain plant was one of the largest enterprises in the Gzhel bush. The plant lasted until 2001, like many in those years, it was bankrupt, the industrial base was sold. To date, the plant’s building has been abandoned.

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