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Jacob Ulrich Holfeldt Tostrup (1806 - 1890) - one of the most famous Norwegian jewelers, silver and gold affairs of masters.About 13 years, Jacob worked for a local jeweler.He began to work as a student of a jeweler in Bergen between 1823 and 1828.

In 1832, he founded J. Tostrup jewelry, gradually expanding his business due to more production equipment and best places.In 1884, Jacob Tostrup took to the companions of his grandson Torolf Pritz (1858–1938).After the death of Jacob in 1890, he took over business management.

He specialized in the fil) and became one of the most outstanding designers in the Art Nouveau style.In 1900, he exhibited at the World Exhibition in Paris, where he received a gold medal.The business was transmitted from generation to generation and works to this day.

ABOUT THE MAKER; Jacob Ulrich Holfeldt Tostrup (1806 - 1890) is One of the Best Known Norwegian Jewelers, Silversmiths and Goldsmiths.Around 13 Years of Age, Jacob Worned for a Local Silversmith.He Started as a Goldsmith Apprentice in Bergen Between 1823 and 1828. In 1832, He Founded the Jewleers Firm J. Tostrup, Gradully Expanding His Business with More Production Equipment and Better Localities. In 1884 Jacob Tostrup took His Grandson-In-Law, Torolf Prytz (1858-1938) As a Partner.At Jacob’s Death in 1890 He took Over the Business.He Specialated in Filigree and Became One of the Most Prominent Art Nouveau Designers.In 1900 He Exhibited at the Exposition Universelle in Paris, What He Receded a Gold Medal. The Business Was Passed Down To the Following Generations and it is Still Active Nowadays.

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