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Gustav Gustavovich Klinger, perhaps one of the pretty and heart figures of Russian silver fishing for the third quarter of the 19th - early 20th centuries. & nbsp; a native of Germany, who was founded in Moscow in 1865, remained a welcome and sincere guest in any meeting or collection.It is distinguished: in a special color of burning turquoise enamel and the coloristic program of oriental briskness of close tones.His works are still honest, open and sincere, for which they are loved and honored.The master was able to revive the rapport (repeated) ornament, organically embraced it with volumes and sought mysterious flickering of color in the rounding of the forms.The cellular fields of flowers made of ink-blue and white circles are a familiar technique of economical festivity.Closing all the planes to them, avoiding, as if afraid of incomplete pauses-the clinger reaches some medieval meditation and hill, and suggests the idea of hidden attachment to the aesthetics of the convertaulites, with their deep and original stylization.In general, making a song from prose of order is a special gift of the master.Creating, like carpet compositions, he knew how to profitably collect a thin gamut of flowers, subjugate a whole common, create chord that delights.The clinger was rightfully considered one of the best enamelers in Moscow and fulfilled orders & nbsp; Faberge.

a hereditary jeweler who inherited the richest experience and skill of work & nbsp; for metal;Capital from which significant production has grown.By 1893 he produced goods for 400,000 rubles a year, with a state of 200 people.He was awarded the awards and diplomas of foreign and domestic exhibitions.According to various information, the final of work was associated with the patriotic pogroms of the Germans in 1916 or the sale of an enterprise in 1917 to merchants from Riga.The granddaughter of the clinger lives in Italy.Supports interest in the legacy of the company.The workshop products are presented in the HIM.

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