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The Ilaria-Perival brand is positioned as a synonym for elegance, quality and design.This grows in its preference in the country, always responding to the taste and needs of a local client;While abroad he became a standard for Peru and his work with silver.
We have several lines of jewelry: Ilaria Classic, Ilaria Etnica, Miss Ilaria, Ilaria Basic, specially designed for various target groups that we serve.We also have a line of jewelry for men called Ilaria-Hombre.
In the same way, our Ilaria-Decor line includes silver decoration objects and is designed to give elegance to the house.
Each product that we produce is made exclusively by handOur magnificent craftsmen are undergoing strict quality control.Only after passing all stages of control, the decoration is sealed with the Ilaria logo.meets certain aesthetic and functional characteristics that help strengthen the brand concept.
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Silver Lama couple figurines b…
75 000.00