Successful lady with longing in the shower oil, canvas

Zakirova Camilla

The picture depicts a rich successful lady who dedicated her career all her life, in pursuit of money, for fashion, we can discern this in her clothes and such a strictly expressed face, but when she acquired everything, she was chasing, she was longing longingHe understands the soul, this can be seen in her eyes that she missed the most important thing, time for life, that she actually lived the wrong life she wanted, but the one that would determine her status in life, she was afraid that they would think badly about her,That she will seem a loser, and other things unacceptable to society, realizing all this, she becomes sad.I want to say this picture that you do not need to chase for something, you need to live, despite the statuses, frames and templates, you need to live your life and will be a happiness that everyone is looking for, not to live for the sake of people's opinions, to prove their success to them andActs of life, life is given once!
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ArtistZakirova Camilla

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