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Alisov Mikhail Alexandrovich (1859-1933)

Alisov Mikhail Alexandrovich was born in Kharkov.He studied at the Academy of Arts from 1887 to 1888 with Yu.Yu. Kleer.He lived in Kharkov and Crimea.In Feodosia, Alisov worked under the leadership of I.K. Aivazovsky.Member of the founder and exhibitor of the Yalta art (1914), participant in exhibitions of the Astrakhan art circle (1900), exhibitions of the artistic artistic society in Yekaterinoslav (1910).Personal exhibitions in Kharkov by Alisov in 1900, 1902, 1903.He wrote mainly landscapes of Crimea.Alisov Mikhail Alexandrovich Ukrainian painter, Marinist, landscape painter.The author of the paintings & quot; Crimean appearance & quot ;, & quot; a storm on the sea & quot ;, & quot; Theodosia bay & quot ;, & quot; fog & quot;, & quot; early spring in Little Russia & quot ;, & quuot;Simeiz & quot;and many others.Pictures of Alisova MA are in the largest museum and private collections.Alisov Mikhail Alexandrovich died in Yalta in 1933.

Mikhail Alexandrovich Alisov refers to those little -known Russian artists, whose paintings are not wide, but are presented in galleries of many cities.The facts from life are very scarce and contradictory.Most likely, the native of Kharkov and the initial, and, possibly, received basic art education in a private school of drawing and painting M.A.Raevskaya-Ivanova, opened in Kharkov in 1869.It is known that M. Alisov studied in 1887-1888 at the Academy of Arts with Yu.Yu.Clover.

The artist’s visual addictions are obvious - the landscape, including sea.Interestingly, the artist willingly placed his pictures of marine themes in museums of cities that are very far from such vast water spaces.His paintings were willingly acquired, for example, in Tula, Nizhny Novgorod.The names of the canvases indicate the artist’s addictions: & quot; Crimean appearance & quot ;, & quot; a storm at sea & quot;(1894), & quot; Moonlit night at sea & quot;(1897), & quot; Sea & quot ;, & quot; Night view.Simeiz & quot;.Not possessing a great talent and, probably, a little vanity, M.A.Alisov simply wrote what he liked, investing what he had learned, what he owned.We know that there was such a Russian artist who lived and created, including for us.

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