Sculptural composition "Prince and Princess" by Gerhard Schliepstein, Rosenthal.

Rosenthal Rosenthal


Sculpture composition "Prince and Princess" by Gerhard Schliepstein, Rosenthal - Considered his best work!! Gerhard Schliepstein, Pair of statuettes of Prince and Princess, standing on a vaulted circular pedestal, Gerhard Schliepstein, 1926. Model numbers K 826 and K 827. Manufacturer's mark. Height 46 cm - 47 cm. Samples typical of the Schliepstein style impress with their distinctly elongated proportions, sharp, partially flat modeling, and expressive gestures. In the work of the outstanding sculptor, one can find a number of comparable works created in 1925-33, including "Woman with a Shawl", "Susanna", "Flutist" and the female bust "Transfiguration". Since 1911, he created porcelain figurines, until 1925 for the Royal Porcelain Manufactory in Berlin, then for the workshops of Schwarzburg, Hoybach, Plaue, Meissen, and from 1929 exclusively for Rosenthal. The famous pair of figures "Prince" and "Princess" were also cast in bronze by Noak in Berlin-Friedenau. See Nicole, Rosenthal, volume III, p. 108 F., Volume V, p. 196. A pair of porcelain hanging figurines in the Art Deco style "Prince" and "Princess", executed according to the model of G. Schliepstein. Manufacturer's mark. Rosenthal. In the early 1930s.

Schloss Ahlden
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CountryWeimar Republic 1919 - 1933


By the manufacturer Rosenthal Rosenthal
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