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Honored Artist of Russia painter, graphic artist 1940

Born in Smolensk. 1963 Graduated from Yaroslavl Art College. 1963-1980 Worked mainly in the technique of watercolor painting.

1967 Teacher of the children's art school of Rybinsk.

1974 Member of the Union of Artists of the USSR (since 1991 - member of the Union of Artists of Russia).

1974-1977 Was elected to the board of the Yaroslavl organization of the Agricultural Union of the RSFSR.

1977 Moved to Smolensk. 1977 -n/ a Teacher of the children's art school of Smolensk.

1979, 1980 Awarded Diplomas of the USSR Academy of Fine Arts "For creative achievements in the development of Soviet fine art".

1980-n/a Works in the technique of tempera and oil painting, mainly in the genre of portrait. 1986-1999 Member of the Board of the Smolensk Organization of the Union of Artists of Russia (Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Union of Artists of Russia).

1989 Awarded a Certificate of Merit of the Ministry of Culture of the RSFSR "For fruitful work on aesthetic education of the younger generation."

1999 Awarded the honorary title "Honored Artist of Russia".

1999 Awarded the Diploma of the Union of Artists of Russia. 2000 Winner of the first city competition among teachers of children's music and art schools.

2003 Awarded a Diploma of the Russian Academy of Arts.


Since 1966, participant of regional art exhibitions in Smolensk, since 1968 regional exhibitions in Yaroslavl, zonal exhibitions (1967 -Moscow; 1970 - Ulyanovsk; 1974 - Gorky; 1979 - Ryazan; 1985 - Kostroma; 1990 - Vladimir; 1998 -Moscow), All-Union exhibitions of watercolors (1969. - Leningrad; 1972. -Moscow; 1975 - g.Moscow; 1978 - Minsk; 1981 -Moscow), republican exhibitions "Russia" (1975 -Moscow; 1977 - g.Moscow; 1980 - g.Moscow;

1992 - g.Moscow; 1999 - g.Moscow), republican exhibitions "Drawing and watercolor" (1977 - Leningradgrad; 1983 - MoscowMoscow). 1976 Republican exhibition "On the Kuban land", Moscow. 1977 Republican exhibition "My Non-Chernozem region", Tula. Anniversary exhibition dedicated to the 200th anniversary of Rybinsk. 1978 Traveling Republican exhibition for the 60th anniversary of October, Barnaul. 1981 I Republican exhibition "Monuments of the Fatherland", Tula. 1983 I Republican exhibition "Physical culture and sports in fine arts", Ryazan. 1984 Republican exhibition "Blue expanses of Russia", Leningrad.

1986 Group exhibition (graduates of YAOHU), Yaroslavl. 1987 Exhibition of Smolensk artists in Vitebsk. 1988 Exhibition of Smolensk artists in Bryansk. 1990 Republican exhibition "Monuments of the Fatherland", Tula. 1991 Republican Portrait Exhibition, Moscow. 1993 Retrospective exhibition "Portrait in the works of Smolensk artists", Smolensk. 1994 Group exhibition "Teacher and students", Smolensk. 1995 Republican exhibition "Dedicated to the Defenders of the Fatherland", Moscow. International Exhibition in Hagen (Germany). 1998 International Traveling Exhibition "The Unfading Crown of Slavic Cities", Moscow, Minsk, Yaroslavl, Sergiev Posad. Group exhibition "12", Smolensk. 1999 All-Russian exhibition "Russia", Moscow. All-Russian exhibition "Boldinskaya Autumn", Moscow. 2000 All-Russian exhibition "Your Name", Moscow. Personal art exhibition "10 portraits", Smolensk. Personal art exhibition, Smolensk (Exhibition hall of the museum – reserve). 2002 International Exhibition "Watercolor Sabrina", Vitebsk (Republic of Belarus). 2003 Regional exhibition "Artists of the Central regions of Russia", Lipetsk. Traveling exhibition of the Russian Academy of Arts, Smolensk, Moscow. Personal art exhibition, Smolensk (Smolensk branch of the Central Mutual Credit Society). Personal art exhibition "Harmony of generations", Smolensk (House of Artists). Personal art exhibition, Smolensk (Smolensk Chamber of Commerce and Industry). 2005 Personal anniversary exhibition, Smolensk 2006 All-Russian exhibition "The Image of the Motherland", Vologda. 2008 All-Russian exhibition "Monuments of the Fatherland", Tver.

Regional exhibition "Artists of the Central regions of Russia", Yaroslavl. All-Russian exhibition "Old and modern masters of easel graphics", Kostroma. Exhibition of works from the private collection of A.I. Popov, Moscow Smolensk, the House of Artists. Exhibition dedicated to the anniversary of the Museum of Childhood, Sergiev Posad, Moscow region (10 works of authorship donated by A.I. Popov). The international exhibition "The Way of Unity", (organized by the International Creative Center "Aries", the Russian – Greek Creative Union of Artists), Moscow. All-Russian exhibition "Renaissance", Tambov. International exhibition "From Marc Chagall to the present day", Smolensk. 2009 All-Russian exhibition "Russia", Moscow.

The artist's works are kept in the Smolensk Museum-Reserve, the Yaroslavl Art Gallery, the Rybinsk Art Museum, the Kostroma Museum of Fine Arts, the Museum of Watercolor Painting in Kurgan, the art gallery in Vitebsk, the Pereslavl-Zalessky Local History and Art Museum, the museums of Roslavl and Gagarin, are in private collections in Russia, Germany, Poland, Austria, Australia, USA, Bulgaria, France, Finland, Egypt, Turkey, Italy.

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