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Schedule and book illustrator

Work for me & mdash;This is an easel graphics and a book illustration.One follows from the other.What I & laquo; I work out & raquo;In free drawing, goes into illustrations.Of the books, I take plots, the magical property of immersion in other people's lives, other worlds.

Drawing for me an almost meditative process.I think not everything is drawn by me, not still experienced on a journey from Italians and Dutch
to Russian modern

graduated from Moscow State University of Press (Polygraphic Institute).

I illustrated books in publishers: & laquo; Children's literature & raquo;, & laquo; book & raquo ;, & laquo; Egmont & Raquo /> & laquo; Dragonfly - press & raquo ;, & laquo; junipress & raquo;, & laquo; Zhalyn & raquo;(Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan), & Laquo; AREVIK & RAQUO;(Yerevan, Armenia).Designed & laquo; Russian fairy tales & raquo;For the American publishing house & quot; Billinna Publishing & quot;.Collaborated
as an illustrator with magazines & laquo; Misha & raquo;, & laquo; Murzilka & raquo;, & laquo; knowledge of strength & raquo ;, & laquo; 12 & frac12; & raquo;.

The work was exhibited by the Gallery & Laquo; Modius & Raquo;in Moscow (1994 - OPM Bank, 1995 - & laquo; eclecticism & raquo; central house of the artist).Personal exhibitions: 1991 in the gallery & quot; Montserrat Gallery & quot;(New York, USA);1993 in the gallery & quot; The Ludwa Studio & quot;(Carmel, USA);1994, 2011, 2013 participated in exhibitions at the State Art Museum.Kroshitsky (Sevastopol, Russia).Illustrations for Armenian fairy tales were included in the short list of the contest & laquo; Adcr Russia 2006 & Raquo;.

Cooperation with galleries: & quot; Polina Lobachevskaya & quot ;, & quot; Modius & quot;, & laquo; Rios & raquo;(Tallinn, Estonia)

Work are in private collections of Russia, Germany, USA, Latvia.

I live and work in Moscow and Tallinn. & nbsp;

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Harlequin Acrylic on paper