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Lot No. 3674
Girl in the sun paper, oil, dr…
5 000.00
Lot No. 3681
Winter landscape canvas on car…
6 000.00
Lot No. 3676
Self -portrait paper, oil, dry…
5 000.00
Lot No. 3673
Portrait of a girl paper, butt…
5 000.00
Lot No. 3684
Fog on Lake Baikal canvas on c…
15 000.00
Lot No. 3683
Evening on Irkuta canvas on ca…
Lot No. 3685
After rain, canvas on cardboar…
8 000.00
Lot No. 3679
Portrait of son canvas, oil
Lot No. 3675
Paper, oil, dry brush naked on…
Lot No. 3682
Winter canvas on cardboard, oil
6 000.00
Lot No. 3677
Costume portrait of a young co…


Lot No. 3680
Soon spring canvas on cardboar…
Lot No. 3678
Costume portrait of a boy canv…