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Grigory Korotchenkov was born in Smolensk in 1939.

He was left without higher art education, nevertheless, he became a member of many all -Union and All -Russian exhibitions, including such prestigious ones as the All -Union Watercolors in Moscow 1975, 1978, 1981.

Professional craft ownership allowed the artist for a long time to work in the Smolensk art and production workshops of the RSFSR art fund

In September 2009, an anniversary exhibition was held in the Smolensk house of an artist, at which the work of the 70-80s was exhibited.

"accuracy, simplicity, brevity - the main advantages of watercolor painting. Transparency, purity and brightness of its best qualities. We see all these virtues and quality of technology in the landscapes and portraits of the author. Its watercolors are amazing not only with poetry, technicality, diversity of techniques, a variety of techniques,but also a deep understanding of form and space ”is completely incomprehensible how it was done, his watercolors always existed, they seem unmanmed, they seem to be outside the reception, but the author is recognizable and you will not be confused with anyone, once seeing.

In watercolor painting, the artist’s highest freedom is manifested - self -restraint, the ability to abandon the excess in order to say the main thing.Korotchenkov demonstrates this freedom of choice in the landscape genre, and in portrait, and in still lifes.The exhibition exhibits work with a variety of nature states, not a banal choice of motives, a perfectly built emotional environment.

In portraits, the most complex, as you know, the genre of watercolor painting, Grigory Korotcheikov demonstrates free possession of the pattern, he masterfully draws the model and gently models the form, identifying the texture of both the model itself and each element of the proplation of the portrait composition.All portraitable are in a special emotional state corresponding to the color system of the portrait. "

Honored Artist of Russia, Professor L.A. Rorina

Lot No. 2170
Haymaking. Watercolor. 60 x 80…
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Lot No. 2020
March. DVP, oil. 42 x 50 cm.
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Lot No. 2171
Night lights. Watercolor. 80 x…
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Landscape by the river. Waterc…
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Girl in gray. Paper, watercolo…
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The Girl in a Scarf. Paper, wa…
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Village. Canvas, oil. 40 x 30 …
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Forest.Canvas, oil.50 x 42 cm
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The corner of Smolensk.Canvas,…
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