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Ozuzhev Alexander Igorevich (1944 - 2014)

Born in the Minsk region. He graduated from the Faculty of Art and Graduate Vitebsk Pedagogical Institute in 1970. Member of city, regional and Republican exhibitions since 1965. Participant of exhibitions in Russia, Poland, Spain, Latvia in a T/O square. Member of the Creative Association Square since 1987. Member The Belarusian Union of Artists since 1989. The author of the creative concept of the PLIP (surface, Line, spot). Painting, graphics, monumental art, installation, Perfoman. The author’s works are in national galleries and private collections USA, Italy, France, Germany, Poland, Israel, Latvia, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine.
& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Alexander Ozuzhev belonged to the latest history art, which originates in the 70s. This is one of the outstanding artists of the galaxy, which were called non -conformists. These are artists defending their own positions, their vision of the world, their art opposed generally accepted opinion.

Belarusian artist. Graduated from the Faculty of Art and Grace Pedagogical Institute (1970). He studied with I. Stolyarov, A. Nekrasov, G. Klikushushina. Member of the Creative Association "Square" (1987). Member of the Belarusian Union of Artists (1990).

worked in easel painting, graphics, created collages, assembly, Objects and installations. The author of the PLP concept (surface, line, spot). Author posters and posters to various exhibitions of Vitebsk artists.
Among the main works: “At the end of February” (1976), “Cyclamen” (1977), “FULL Leaving ”(1977),“ Calles ”(1980),“ Autumn still life with a Viennese chair ” (1981), "On the birthday of" Square "(1988)," Interior with a ajar door " (1988), the series “Through red, through black, through the blue” (1988), “Self -portrait against an iron background ”(1990),“ move ”(1992), PLIP object 1 (time) (1994), plip 80 "Winter" (1995), "Dedication M." (2006), "Good Morning, Vincent!" (2007), “Stop” (2008), “Liberated Reality” (2008), “Money” (2008) and other
& nbsp;

radicalism, non -conformism, revolutionary.
Non -conformism in art, as in other areas of human existence, appears as a manifestation of metaeology of radicalism. Against the background of modern political and religious extremism about radicalism in society has developed unpleasant opinion. However, there is epistemological, spiritual radicalism, the methodology of which allows you to break stable stereotypes of perception and The boundaries of cognition approved by global sociotechnics. In system fine art of the idea of non -conformism and radicalism embodies in itself Artistic avant -garde. Representatives of the Vitebsk "square" are one of the most vivid experts of modern avant -garde ideas.
The avant -garde is not limited by the temporary frames, it is represented equally Casimir Malevich, and Alexander Maly. And, of course, the avant -garde is not limited and a certain conditional stereotype of the behavior of non -conformist, which develops in superficial public opinion, as certainly scandalous and conflict. Alexander Ozuzhev just emphasized his high human qualities and Inner harmony.
It was not only an outstanding artist, he was also an outstanding person ... we often visited his workshop, even just for him look. This man was like Jesus Christ, he was very handsome as himself as outwardly and internally. Here was a personality, and now you can even say that this is actually a great personality. This is an artist who found everything in himself.
The mention of Jesus Christ in this connection is completely justified. After all, he is also was one of the greatest non -conformists who know history humanity. The phrases of Christ and His disciples confirm this:
My kingdom is not from this world (John 2: 12)
Do not like peace, not that in the world: who loves the world, there is no Father's love (John. 2: 15)
Our abuse is not against blood and flesh, but against the authorities, against the authorities, against world rulers of the darkness of this year, against the spirits of the anger of the Middle Kingdom (Eph. 6: 12)
We are talking about the world as the “shadow of Ialdabaof”, the total dominance of consensus public environment, which has an obstacle to new knowledge, which is on every The stage of the existence of a global society looks revolutionary: “Se, I do everything New ”(Rev. 21: 5). And if the artist is faithful to the meaning of creativity, about which Nikolai Berdyaev spoke of "creating a new one who had not previously", then in any case and after it there remains personal creative revelation, experiencing Transferring society. Society is noted into the abyss of nothing, and the Creator becomes immortal in their works.
I think this is the first exhibition of Alexander Ozuzhev of such a historical a plan when the artist is no longer there is no longer a century, and the state in which His art has not developed either. Nothing

Lot No. 4717
PLIP 80. "Winter".1995
1 200 000.00