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Kolobaev Yaroslav Igorevich animal artist

1970 - July 26, 2018.

In 1984-1988 he studied at the Moscow School of Art named after Vasily Ivanovich Surikov.
Completed his art education, graduating in 1994 from the Moscow State Academic Art Institute named after Vasily Ivanovich Surikov.
He chose the path of an animal artist.
"Since childhood he was passionate about horseback riding and canine studies, studying the anatomy, plasticity and behavioral characteristics of animals in many zoos and hunting grounds in Russia , worked with horse farms and dog breeding nurseries. "
"Professionally worked in the rare genre of equestrian portrait. He created genre compositions, depicting the world of wildlife, as well as painting portraits of dogs.
Images of dogs and cats by Kolobaev can be found on most pet food sold in Russia.
Participant of the exhibition " Equestrian Crossroads ", personal exhibition at the Central House of Artists and equestrian exhibitions " Equiros ", exhibition " Equestrian Fine Art " in London, permanent artist of Moscow galleries " Gostiny Dvor ", " Ryabovexpo " and other galleries.
He worked in oil painting, watercolor, and mixed media.
The artist's paintings are known to lovers of animalism and hippology in many countries around the world.

He did not belong to any creative unions.
He wrote the book "Hippography".
He is not listed in Russian registers and nominations.
Popular in the Russian internet sector.
Style: synthetic. Figurative easel painting: oil, canvas; watercolor, graphics, drawing. Realism, romantic realism with elements of expression.
Genre: animalism, equestrian portrait, portrait and much more. Palette: colorful.

Professional painter, animalist, since childhood has been passionate about horseback riding and canine studies, studied the anatomy, plasticity and behavioral characteristics of animals, worked with horse farms and conducted horts. The artist is well known to enthusiasts of the genre all over the world. He has dedicated a significant portion of his work to animalistic themes, particularly in the equestrian genre. From childhood, the artist was passionate about animalistic themes, spending a significant amount of time drawing animals in zoos, hunting grounds, dog breeding kennels, and on the racetrack. He studied at the Zoological and Darwin Museums, as well as the Museum of Horse Breeding of Timiryazev Agricultural Academy. The work of predecessors such as N. Sverchkov, V. Vatagin, G. Nikolsky, A. Eyges, and V. Kunert had a noticeable influence on him. His work includes animalistic and zootechnical portraits of horses and dogs. Since 2001, the artist has focused on equestrian portraits and a series of portraits of famous contemporary horses. His constant inspiration from the depiction of wildlife allows him to refresh his brush and create vibrant images of his favorite characters - wild cats. In 2008, the publishing house "Izvestia" released the artist's authorial album "Hippography" in the printing house of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation. One of the artist's canvases, "Ilbers Lord," gained national fame and earned a place in the painting collection of Russian President V.V. Putin.

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