Claymo Master Semenov Vasili S. - Moscow - initials of V.C.


Claymo Master Semenov Vasili S. - Moscow - initials of V.C.




GoodsA cup with an ink, a cup, a glass, a spoon, a wallet, a mortgage of icon, GIM.


Vasily Semyonov, the owner of a silverware factory, founded in 1852; in 1873 - 40 workers, produced goods worth 75,000 rubles; at the beginning of the 20th century, his daughter Maria Vasilyevna continued the business. The hallmark is in the shape of a diamond with the initials of the master "V.S.", with dots after each letter. Products include: cups with handles, mug, glass, spoon, wallet, icon frame, GIM. Shape: Diamond. Metal: Silver.

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