English auctions

In the living sense, the English auctions where the bets are declared either by the auctionist or the bidders, and the winners pay as much as they offer to get the object.English auctions are considered the most common format of third-party online auctions and are considered the most simplified of all forms.

The general working method of this format lies in the fact that this is an auction for the increase in bets in which the rates are open for public viewing.The winner is the participant who offered the highest price, and the price is the largest rate.The popularity of the English auction is explained by the fact that it uses a familiar and intuitive mechanism that reduces transaction costs.He also goes beyond the traditional English auction, which requires physical presence from the bidders, which makes it more and more popular, despite the exposure to various forms of deception in the auction with the increasing price of the “dominant strategy” is a rejection until the price is the pricewill not reach the value of a trading participant