The first site of online auction

online advertising of online auctions began in 1995, when two auction sites were founded independently with alternative business models.The first site of the online auction was, founded by Jerry Kaplan in May 1995. In September of the same year, Ebay was founded by the French-Iranian computer scientist Pierre Omidyar.Both of these companies used the rates by increasing.The Internet has proposed new advantages, such as the use of automatic rates through electronic forms, a search engine that allows you to quickly find goods, and the opportunity to allow users to view the goods by categories.Unlike Onsale, where the company itself was the seller, Ebay was the first site of online auctions to support personal transactions.This led to the fact that Ebay was the first online auction to attract the massive volume of online transaction, and it had the largest electronic commerce user base of any site in the 2000s.

online auctions significantly expandedThe range of goods and services that can be bought and sold using auctions mechanisms, and also expanded the possibilities of auctions and generally created new areas of the use of auctions.In a modern web environment, there are hundreds, if not thousands, web sites devoted to the practice of online auctions.

However, online web sites were not the first type of online auctions.In fact, before them, online auctions were carried out through e-mail and ads.The auctionist / seller will place an ad on the system board of ads with a description of the exhibited by the subject and setting the minimum rate and closing time.Compuserve sponsored such auctions through its classified ads system in 1980.But already in 1979, individuals carried out their own online auction both at Compuserve and Source, which in the first half of that year were in beta testing.Such auctions were also held at the very first public BBS, since 1978.