ASKEW London /ASSKU London /

Jewelry manufactory

ASKEW London /ASSKU London /

ASKEW London is an English jewelry manufactory that was opened in one of the suburbs of London in 1979.

The company was founded as a small family enterprise - a jewelry workshop specializing in the production of a necklace.The company was headed by Sue Askue.The family of Askeu was not particularly rich, so Sue decided not to start with clothes and jewelry, but with historical jewelry.So, by the way, many family production began - Trifari, Jomaz/Mazer, Lea Stein, Coppola E Toppo, Emmons.

When a creative person becomes at the head of the company, which, of course, was Sue Asku, then without designer searches and search for its special path, it is not possible.It is impossible not to pay attention to the fact that the ASKEW London jewelry has passed a certain creative evolution-from a simple, one might say, deliberately simplified design, at the beginning, to the exquisite-sensual, luxurious-visitor, which is elusively reminiscent of the work of Joseff of Hollywood.

Eugene Joseph or, as he is also called, Joseph from Hollywood, is the legend of world jewelry.He made jewelry for almost all films of the golden period of American cinema - “Removeed by the Wind”, “Casablanca”, “Breakfast at Tiffany”, “My Beautiful Lady”, “Cleopatra” and many others.

Necks, ASKEW London bracelets and brooches were not used in the cinema.But their artistic form, as well as the outstanding quality of manufacture, make these jewelry stamps stylistically close, as if supplementing each other.I have long noticed that people who like Joseff of Hollywood have to like ASKEW London.And vice versa!

Unfortunately, the ASKEW London manufactory lasted only a few years.

The lack of a strategic investor who would be able to make out its market potential, as well as a very specific style of the 80s, when jewelry of this type was considered excessive luxury, did their job.The company ceased to exist.Unfortunately, the ASKEW London company was not at that time and, you can be in the wrong place.If its founders began to immediately sell their jewelry in Luxury class stores or moved to America, then everything could have developed differently and the Askew London would now occupy its rightful place between Cartier and Asprey.

In open sale (including in England itself) the early, the original Askew London is almost never found.

These are really exclusive vintage jewelry - there are very few of them, literally a few!And they can only be purchased if you are lucky to be personally familiar with the owners of a pair of antique boutiques in London, through which they occasionally sell a family heritage.True, there is another way to buy ASKEW London, you just need to take part in the midnight tenders with vintage jewelry, which are sometimes carried out by well -known European antiques ...

Currently, an attempt to revive the brand has been made - a new, “rejuvenated” version of ASKEW London jewelry has appeared on the market, which differs from the native Asku just like the original Chanel jewelry from Chinese stamped fakes.

All those, the first, real ASKEW London products were really made manually.These were, without exaggeration, Hand-Made Jewelry!The master jeweler soldered decoration from many separate elements, this technology was characteristic of Maison Gripoix jewelry workshops.Brass and copper-containing alloys acted as basic metals.For the covering composition, a 22 -carat gold coating with matting was used.I would especially like to note a very high -quality patination of some ASKEW London products.Such processing not only decorates these things, giving them exquisite decorativeness and antique, but also increases security, which is a guarantee of a many -year impeccable type of product.

It is safe to say that, like collectible guilt, the vintage jewelry of the original Askew London will only become better from year to year.I also would like to note products with cabinet inserts of colored marble glass, artificial turquoise and nephritis, a completely wonderful shade.

Real ASKEW London vintage jewelry enjoy great success in the artistic environment of Britain - the spoiled London bohemia is used to choosing the best!For their casket with jewelry, they were bought by actresses Helen Bonham Carter, Kira Knightley, Siena Miller, as well as singer Victoria Backham.