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Guerlain / helen /

The Guerlain brand was founded in 1828 by Pierre Francois Pascal Gerlen, who was educated by a chemist in England.At first, the perfume brand existed in the form of a pharmacy store, in the basement of which Gerlen prepared his first aromas.After 25 years, at the wedding of Napoleon, 3 Gerlen presented as a gift to the Spanish Princess Imperial, created specifically in honor of this event.The aroma was placed in a crystal bottle with gilded reliefs of bees - a symbol of Napoleon’s house.The smell of perfume fascinated the princess so that she appointed Gerlen as the main perfumer of the royal court.So the Golden bee became the symbol of the house of Gerlen.Since then, Guerlain's magnificent aromas have been created for many famous people - Balzaka, Sarah Bernard, English and Spanish queens.After Pierre Francois, his son Eme Gerlen became the main perfumer of the brand.

He achieved great success in the development of family business, releasing successful perfumes one after another.It was Eme Gerlen that first laid out the smell of spirits into three components - the upper notes, notes of the heart and basic.In addition, he was the first to combine natural components and synthetic components in perfumes art, and also created the first aroma unexcle with Guerlain Jicky (in 1889).After Eme, the company was led by his two nephews - Jacques and Pierre Gerlen, who were also able to bring world fame and fame at home, including creating aromas specifically for pop stars and cinema.The creation of compositions is a real art, according to the Guerlain Corporation.

To create the aromas of Guerlain, flowers specially grown in Grasse - the capital of perfume art are used.Only in Grasses is jasmine with a unique, thin aroma growing, which gives unusual attractiveness to such spirits as, for example, Shalimar, Guerlain.Only a few firms can afford to grow flowers in that region.Most perfume houses have floral fields in Asia, where work is much cheaper.But with the quality of the flowers of the count, grown in the east of France, such aromas are difficult to compare.

The collected flowers are immediately sent to the factory, where extraction is carried out, lasting six hours.As a result of this, essential oil and a concrete, which can be stored for about three years, is obtained.Small portions are sent to the laboratory, where a liquid called the Absolute is produced from it.

Each perfume brand has a “nose” - a perfumer that makes a decision on whether to be any aroma or not.The nose checks the Absolute and approves its use to create spirits.The last hereditary nos-partfumer of Brand Gerlen is Jean-Paul Gerlen, who lost his vision in his early youth.It stores more than 3,000 aromas in memory, and considers smells of the most powerful form of perception.What remains with us from the most beautiful lady when the light turns off?Only her smell and charm of her voice.In 2002, Jean-Paul Gerlen sold his brand LVMH, which is the owner of the Guerlain brand to this day.However, Jean-Paul Gerlen continues to create aromas in collaboration with the now main perfumer of Brand Tierry Vaser.

Thierry developed the sense of smell, collecting herbs in the Swiss village, where he was born and raised.Thierry Obser has a certificate of professional training and the specialty of Botanika, and he also graduated from the perfume school in Givaudan.