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Helena Rubinstein / Elena Rubinstein /

The history of the creation of the Helena Rubinstein brand.

Helena Rubinstein was born on December 25, 1872 in the Polish town of Krakow.Helena was born in many children seven, she herself was the eighth child.Helena Rubinstein received her professional education at the University of Swiss, so she graduated from the medical faculty.When she was hit by eighteen Helena, she decided to move to Australia, there she began to work for her uncle in a pharmacy.

Thanks to the ointment recipe that Helena Rubinstein's mother gave her her first cream - Valaze, which became famous for its healing abilities.In 1902, Helena founded its own beauty institution.Her work brought not only popularity, but also quite profitable, so that a year later, Helena Rubinstein is able to open her first cosmetic store in Melbourne.It sold creams, soap, as well as lotions that she herself made.

In 1908, Helena Rubinstein leaving her sister store, he moves to London, here she decided to open another cosmetic shop.In the same year, she met her future husband of journalist Edward Titus from America, without thinking twice, she married him.

As a result, they had two sons of Roy Valentine and Horace.In 1910, Helena Rubinstein invented the classification of the skin by type.In 1912, Helena came to Paris to open her beauty house Maison de Beaut on Sent-Oonor Street

Helena Rubinstein was special very interesting, it was she who first introduced the concept of massage into the salons.Similar procedures were very much like the writer Kolett, who spread the fashion for massage among the rest of the then French bourgeoisie.Two years later, the Rubinstein family moves to America, there Helena founded the Beauty Institute New York, Chicago and Boston.In addition to the fact that America is a country of great opportunities, it is also a country of strong competitors, for Helena Rubinstein it became Estee Lauder and Elisabeth Arden.But because of the innovation in the field of cosmetology, such as scientific research, Helena was able to win the American cosmetics market.

Helena had a phenomenal flair of a businessman, in 1917 before big depression she sold her company for $ 7 million, and after the end of the depression bought it for $ 1 million.In 1928, Helena was selling its stores in America Lehman Brothers for $ 7.3 million.

And a year later, in 1929, a crisis began, Helena seeing what is happening decides to redeem part of his company for 1 million, and thus becomes the richest woman in America.Men are afraid of strong women, and this time it was also repeated, a year later, and it was in 1930 Helena Rubinstein to get divorced with her husband.

This applies not only to a married couple, their gap also touched their children.The youngest son of Horatio treats his mother as a strict woman.His emergency death knocks Helena from the rut, she did not even want to attend the funeral.In 1938, Helena again married Prince Gerelli, who is much younger than her.
Helena Rubinstein died on April 1, 1965 at the age of 95.

In 1984, Helena Rubinstein transferred to the possession of L’Oreal.This allowed the brand to enter the international market, today Helena Rubinstein cosmetics are known in 50 countries.