Decorative plate series: "Familiar Faces" ... Gogol types of Boklevsky on the decorative porcelain of the Gardner factory

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Gogol Series: "Familiar Faces" ... Gogol types of Boklevsky on decorative porcelain.

The illustration of Gogol's works became the whole life of the outstanding Russian illustrator Peter Mikhailovich Boklevsky (1816–1897).

In 1858, the first album of illustrations for the “Examiner” appeared, and in 1863 - “Bureaucratic Catechism” - a new version of the drawings for the same comedy.

The greatest love among Gogol's works in Boklevsky enjoyed “dead souls”.It was the artist’s board book.

In 1875, the Album of Gogol's Types was published, consisting of 23 watercolor portraits, which were reproduced in the technique of xylography.The grotesque characteristics of literary heroes, the accuracy of psychological portrait images, their correspondence to Gogol's descriptions brought the author of great popularity.It manifested itself in the numerous reissues of the album and reprinting it in magazines, on postcards, and also entailed the use of its types when creating series of wall porcelain plates and dishes.The graphic language of portrait images was redesigned for decorating porcelain.

On the 50th anniversary of death (1902) and the 100th anniversary of his birth (1909) by N. V. Gogol, portraits created by him performed by Boklevsky were reproduced on decorative plates of various diameters released at the Gardner porcelain factory.

The popularity of the series was extremely great.Today it is difficult for us to imagine that such "non -evacency" faces made up the interior decorations at the turn of the century. In all likelihood, decorative plates with “dead souls” were produced not only at the Gardner factory, but also in small workshops, given the variety of samples in terms of embodiment from highly artistic specimens to artisanal.

The portrait of the landowner Peter Petrovich Petukha (on the mirror of the plate is indicated as “roosters”), character of the II volume of the poem “Dead Souls”.

On the picture: Decorative plate.Peter Petrovich Petukhov.The end of the XIX - beginning of the XX centuries. Porcelain, manual painting, diameter - 24 cm. Porcelain factory of the porcelain and earthenware products of Gardner.

A plate with the brand of the Gardner factory.Collectible series with portraits of the heroes of Gogol -Sobakevich and other characters of Gogol.Portrait of manual painting.Diameter - 24 cm. The cost is indicated for 1 plate.

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