Girl with plates

Royal Copenhagen

porcelain figurine" girlwith plates ". manual underglazer painting. Denmark, CopenhagenRoyal Copenhagen, 1969-1974. sculptor: ada bonfils. manufacturer's stamp.Model number - 3677. the initials of the artist who painted the figurine: ey. height - 9 cm. the figurine of the first grade. without chips, damage and without restoration."Outline: 0px;"> ==================================================="Outline: 0px;"> Porcelain Figurine "Girl with Pot-Cover".Style = "Outline: 0px;"> denmark, Copenhagen, Royal Copenhagen, 1969-1974.= "Outline: 0px;"> Factory Mark. model - 3677. the initials of the artist pance figurine: Ey. height - 9 cm. figurine of theFIRST SORT. without chips, Damage and recistrations. Royal Copenhagen 3677 (RC_3677)Br Style = "Outline: 0px;"> children
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By the manufacturerRoyal Copenhagen

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