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Antique plates Palekh 1988 "Russian fairy tales" (about 30 years old), but at the same time in new condition, collectible vintage plates produced by the famous Palekh from the series "Russian fairy tales" (Russian Legends, Russian fairy tale), an official release in the USSR in the 80s and 90s of the last century limited edition authentic and original author's copies of porcelain decorative plates painted by Palekh master artists. They open up new possibilities for studying the treasures of Russian folklore and literature. Executed in the old style of miniature painting on black lacquer products, preserving all shades of colors with the application of up to 20 layers of pigment and the use of pure gold (18 carats) on hard artistic porcelain (diameter 197mm) with subsequent firing. The edition was discontinued after 195 days of kiln work, making each plate unique and limited. The plate designs were registered in the international Bradex registry, the registry for accounting cultural values ​​and works of art. Each plate also received a unique number in the registry of produced items by the factory-producer. The collection introduces you and your loved ones to the colorful world of Russian painting and literature. Art plates made of Vinerogradov porcelain allow us to enjoy the mysterious fairy tales that have enthusiastic followers around the world, and to pass on to future generations the almost lost unique form of art that has been preserved throughout the centuries. In the 18th century, the talented scientist Dmitry Vinerogradov succeeded where many before him had failed. It took four centuries for the Western world to unravel the carefully guarded secrets of the beauty of delicate and transparent, but solid porcelain from the East, Asia. However, Vinerogradov's main contribution to the history of porcelain is in the development of principles and methods of decorative painting on porcelain. During his career, Vinerogradov raised the craft of porcelain makers to the level of genuine art. He developed various techniques and materials for painting, creating a new era in the art of porcelain.The new patterns and improved thermosensitive paints and glazes, which gain brightness at high firing temperatures of porcelain, are famous. Many of his original creations decorate the collections of the famous Hermitage Museum, which houses the most outstanding works of Russian art. The living spirit of Vinogradov's innovative work inspired the creators of the "Russian Fairy Tales" series of collectible plates in Palekh in the 1980s. The porcelain plates reflect all the artistic principles of Vinogradov's work, manifested in the exceptional richness of color, brightness and perfection of glaze, impeccable shape of the products, and the incomparable resonance of porcelain. Each plate is produced with the famous Vinogradov hallmark, which has been celebrated for centuries and guarantees the highest level of craftsmanship and first-class quality of the products. Located 450 kilometers from Moscow, the small village of Palekh is famous for its vibrant tradition of bright decorative art. Palekh's masters are descendants of ancient Russian icon painters who became famous for their religious painting, filled with perfection and inexhaustible spiritual power. Today, Palekh artists follow the rich creative traditions of their ancestors and work in a different, often more difficult genre of miniature painting on black lacquer. They draw inspiration not from traditional religious subjects, but from the inexhaustible treasury of Russian literature and folklore, creating miniature masterpieces that are as colorful and vibrant as the legendary Firebird. Only a few of the artists who trained in Palekh have earned the prestigious title of Palekh Master. Palekh artists, with their smooth drawings, clear composition, and poetic expressiveness, have earned Russian lacquer a reputation as one of the most revered genres of visual art worldwide. RUSSIAN FAIRY TALES (sequential number in the series - the title of the plot): 1. Luidmila and Ruslan 2. About the Dead Princess and1. The Seven Bogatyrs 2. The Tale of the Golden Cockerel 3. Lukomorye 4. The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish 5. The Tale of Tsar Saltan 6. The Tale of the Priest and His Laborer Balda 7. The Stone Flower 8. Sadko 9. The Twelve Months 10. The Silver Hoof 11. Morozko The cost for 1 plate!

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