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Sugar "Squirrel" Artists: Buchin V.E., Novikova T.A., Arkhangelskaya A.L., Kozlov K.S. Technologies: casting, gilding, oxidation Material: silver 925 samples, crystal Size (d/sh/c): 114x114x165 mm Product weight: 1000 g.

... the spruce grows in front of the palace And under it a crystal house; The squirrel lives manual there, Yes, what a fiery! Squirrel sings songs Yes, the nuts are gnawing, And the nuts are not simple All shells are golden, Nuclei - pure emerald; Servants guard the squirrel ...

Graceful crystal ate served as the basis for a noble silver frame - intricate interweaving of branches, amazing fairy -tale cones with nuts in gilded shells, a mysterious elite peering out of a gilded collar decorated with emeralds.No wonder the servants attached to the squirrel are located under the spruce: it is here that those magic cones grow from which our intricate produces nuts with emeralds.Three guards, each in their own way, carry their service.With a spruce, lifting a twig, cones are conveniently removed - spoon.The lower edge of the product emphasizes the decorative ornament.His elegant gilded elements decorated with blue topazes create a harmonious combination with another collection object - a sugar.

Like the spruce, the crystal base of the sugar bowl is framed by elegant silver.The carved ornament of the architecture of those times was not just a decoration - it carried a special meaning.Our house is no exception - in the original Russian traditions, stories of fairy tale are depicted here, symbolizing the struggle of good with evil.Strict architectural elements are revived by a gilded plant ornament, which creates a harmonious ensemble of creations of nature and man.The focus, of course, is the main character of the plot is a squirrel.She with great dexterity defeats her golden nuts, taking out precious emeralds.

As a real miracle that has been accomplished in a fairy tale, you can look at these products.But this does not interfere with the use of them for its intended purpose - the sugar tower cover is conveniently open and sweets from such a crystal house will seem much tastier to everyone.And the spoons will give a unique taste to festive tea drinking or a cup of coffee with friends.

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