Stancampiano Eugenio, Palermo Small Eujenio


Candelabrum for 7 candles, height 45cm., Stancampiano Eugenio, Palermo Founded in 1870, in the heyday of the era, with the then cult of luxury and excess, the Stancampiano manufactory has been storing the traditions of skill in the processing of precious metals: gold and silver.All products are performed manually using ancient processing methods. In the middle of the XIX century, the fashion for Rococo (Rockail), characterized by an abundance of curls and smooth lines, returns to Italy.Candelabrus is richly decorated with plant and sea elements.In his style and wealth of decor, he recalls the luxurious lifestyle of the king’s court. Currently, Stancampiano produce similar items only on order with a waiting period up to 6 months. Candelabr is a rare object of museum value and an attractive object for investing funds. Stancampiano Eugenio, Palermo, XX Secolo. Candelabro in Argento Sterling 925 Con 7 Candele.Ciascuno Reca Punzoni Sotto La Base: 925, 39pa. Peso Complesivo: 3044 GR.

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