Amphora vase on an octagonal base with biscuit handles. KPM Berlin. 1875.

Royal Porcelain Manufacture of KRM


Amphora vase on an octagonal biscuit base with handles. Porcelain, polychrome painting, sculpture, covering with blue lapis lazuli paint (Royal Blue Foundation), gilding and painting with gold, cyrillic. On one side of the body in a round gold cyrillic frame, there is a painted miniature "View of Wilhelm's Palace and the monument to Friedrich II on Unter den Linden" (Old Palace, also known as the Kaiser Wilhelm Palace, former royal Prussian residence on Unter den Linden Boulevard in Mitte). Above the miniature is a crown in a laurel branch gilded frame. The vase was made by order of the imperial court. Model by Julius V. Mantel. Marks: "scepter" - cobalt underglaze, "power" and painter's mark - overglaze red. German Empire, Berlin. 1875. Height 52 cm. This vase is featured in the Antique Magazine No. 51 (10) on page 34-35, for October 2007. The vase has an attribution by art historians. Review of the KPM porcelain market. Evaluating the porcelain market is a rather difficult task. Pricing is influenced by many factors: the creation time of the item, its uniqueness and rarity, the quality of the painting, and finally, its condition. As it is known, many collectors rely on catalogs of western auctions to analyze the market for items. But auction evaluation is not an absolute price indicator, as the auction is a third party. Most items are bought and sold by dealers, who are more than willing to invest money in good items. Often items purchased by a dealer will be resold to collectors at a much higher price, one that you won't find in any catalog! In recent years, there has been a noticeable increase in interest in art objects in Russia. In any country experiencing rapid economic growth, there are wealthy people who, having earned money and fulfilled all their primary needs, turn their attention to art objects. Initially, wealthy buyers of antiques joined the ranks.Arabs, Japanese, followed by Indians, did not keep Russia waiting. Now Europe is on another fashion wave - Chinese. "New" Chinese buy literally everything that can, in their opinion, fit into the interiors of their mini Versailles! In a short period of time, a colossal number of items have been "washed out" from the antique market. A significant role in this was played by numerous tourists who, traveling through European countries, bought a cup or plate with a beautiful view as a souvenir, since the prices of porcelain 10-15 years ago were completely different. Now, even in Vienna, you can't buy scenic cups - not to mention Viennese manufactory, but even something "Vienna-like" is no longer available! The same situation is in France and Germany, not to mention Russia. If in the 1990s the supply on the Russian antique market far exceeded the demand, then the situation has changed drastically now. Adding a good item to the collection is a great and very expensive stroke of luck. On the one hand, considering the production volumes, KPM porcelain is a frequent guest on the antique market. On the other hand, rare and unique items with high-quality painting are rarely found and highly valued. Just a few years ago, the price of ordinary cups was 300-500 euros. Now, in the European market, the cost of an ordinary cup ranges from 1000 to 3000 euros. The price of a high-art cup with complex architecture (with mascarons, decorative elements, etc.) and excellent painting can vary from 5000 to 15,000 euros. It is impossible not to mention cups dedicated to the Treaty of Tilsit of 1807 and decorated with portraits of Alexander I and Napoleon, as well as a series of cups dedicated to the battles of Leipzig and Waterloo, decorated with portraits of the monarchs of those countries whose troops participated in them. Before the capture of Prussia by Napoleon I, a small series of paired cups with portraits of Alexander I and his wife Elizaveta Alexeevna was also released. These items are undoubtedly rare, with prices starting from 25,000 euros. For reference, I can...It can be said that over the past 15 years, cups of the mentioned series have not been seen at European auctions. The price of Berlin ordinary plates today ranges from 1000 to 2000 euros per piece. The cost of a topographic plate can range from 3000 to 15000 euros. Plates with narrative painting (1790-1840) can be valued at around 10,000 euros. And the fashionable and popular "military" plates are sold at European auctions for prices ranging from 10,000 to 40,000 euros, depending on their condition and time of creation.

The price of vases about 30 cm high ranges from 5000 to 10000 euros, about 50 cm high from 20,000 to 50,000 euros. Vases over 70 cm can cost from 50,000 to 150,000 euros. For example, at a spring auction in Berlin, a vase 70 cm high was sold for 130,000 euros.

Naturally, the prices for KPM porcelain will increase over time. Like in any business, antique market prices depend on supply and demand, and since the demand for porcelain is steadily growing (not only Berlin, but porcelain in general), there will be fewer items over time to meet this demand.

I am by no means calling for everyone to invest in art, there are many other areas for capital investment with faster and more predictable profit. Speculation is possible in the antique market. But the best investor is a serious collector. To invest in porcelain, one must have deep knowledge, have a good consultant, and long-term plans. However, this does not always guarantee quick success, as the market situation may depend on subjective factors, such as fashion, for example. To objectively assess profit, at least 5-10 years should pass. And it is quite possible that a KPM plate purchased in 2022 for 5000 euros will double or even triple in value after 10 years.

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CountryGerman Empire 1871 - 1919


By the manufacturer Royal Porcelain Manufacture of KRM
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