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Jewelry workshop Bronze miracle - created by Nikolai Vladimirovich Tyrin and the head of production, artist, sculptor Sergey Yuryevich Zaitsev. It traces its history back to 2001. The very idea of creating a Gallery was born much earlier. He met more than once with creative people who amazed with their abilities and skills. The works you liked were purchased: a collection of stunning pieces of modern Russian art was being collected. It seemed a crime to keep them under a bushel, so it was decided to open a Gallery-workshop where anyone could get acquainted with our collection and buy a favorite thing. This collection embodies the desire to revive Russian spirituality, culture and art, including the art of folk crafts and crafts.The products of the workshop are author's works made according to an old recipe, in the best traditions of Russian masters. 

A special place in the creation of workshop works - It is occupied by an animalistic sculpture.The workshop "Bronze Miracle", combines various trends of today's Russian art, very intelligibly approaches not only the aesthetic value, but also the subject of the works produced. In particular, animalistic sculpture occupies a special place in the exhibition. The depiction of animals is the most ancient art and, perhaps, one of the noblest: it presupposes humanism, moral, respectful attitude to nature, surprise and delight in the diversity of its creations, worship of the Creator. In addition, animalism has been developing in Russia for a long time and has won the undisputed love of the audience. The workshop "Bronze Miracle" in its gallery presents a large collection of works by the Moscow sculptor Sergei Krivtsov.

There is strength and expression in his works. Describing them, you can safely quote popular films about wildlife, so accurately the author manages to capture the characteristic features of animals and convey them by means of plastics.
The most diverse animals and birds, wild and domestic, attract the sculptor with harmony of movements and grace, character and perfection of forms. Lions, hyenas, owls, falcons, snakes, various breeds of dogs – perhaps it is easier to make an alphabetical index. But people are not listed among his heroes: Krivtsov is a follower of the pure genre. However, having deliberately limited the scope of creative search, he did not lose at all – the living world is infinitely interesting and constantly gives food for creativity.
Sergey Krivtsov is a young artist, but he decided early on the direction of his activity. Love for nature, for animals even during the period of study at the Moscow State Pedagogical University. Stroganova (the course of professor, academician A.N. Burganov), led him into the world of animalistic sculpture. Working hard and carefully studying both the history of the genre and "living nature", taking lessons from the famous animalist, A.V. Martz (corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Arts), he created a number of interesting works back then. The graduation project turned out to be entirely animalistic, and one of Krivtsov's works – presented in the Sad Puppy salon-museum – was recommended by academician V.E. Tsigal to the Tretyakov Gallery.
Sergey's works, executed in a realistic manner, are surprisingly lively. Everything is sorted out to the smallest detail, while each thing retains its integrity. A riot of emotions can hide behind classical calmness, and for the sake of transmitting dynamics, impetuosity, impulse, the sculptor boldly breaks the canons of composition.
He can curiously bend and twist the shape in a seemingly incredible way. But at the same time, the plastic will retain its naturalness and will be accurate.
For him, a specific observation is the starting point of creating an artistic image. Animalism is one of the most difficult genres, because the main source of inspiration here is nature. And it, as you know, requires a long and thorough study. The animal artist independently comprehends the anatomical features of different animals, observes them, becoming a real naturalist.
However, it is not enough to simply copy nature. In order for the bronze to "come to life", you need to breathe your energy into it. Sergey Krivtsov is sure: "Sculpture is not a frozen metal, it is a mechanism with invisible internal springs and levers, you just need to be able to find them correctly and lay them." An artist, like a writer, has to get close to his hero, "get into the skin" of each animal in order to understand his image.
In the workshop "Bronze Miracle" this sculptor is represented in many ways. Individual works that could be called "psychological portraits" of animals are included in the project "Gallery of Images". The majestic rhinoceros is the "Owner", and the touching "Sad Puppy" do not leave visitors indifferent. Works of small plastic, cast in silver, are distinguished by a subtle, almost jewelry, art of modeling. All the works have an amazing charm and vivid expressiveness. Multi-figure compositions dedicated to the fights of mighty animals are declared under the general title "The Moment of Truth". The main thing in them is the dynamics, the energy of movement, and although beauty is not an end in itself, they are amazingly beautiful. It's like a real drama of the natural world is being played out in front of us. A ferocious tiger grappled with a crocodile, a golden eagle attacks a fox, a bull courageously drives a bear away from a cow. The moment of truth is the moment of the apogee of the struggle for existence, when all the forces of the fighting sides are strained, and the viewer himself can guess who will be the winner. The artist unobtrusively, implicitly conveys his observations and emotions to us, the audience. And it remains only to enjoy the "stopped moment", to be surprised by the undulating curve of the crocodile's tail before the blow or the graceful flapping of the owl's wings. The theme of such a confrontation has been developed by the artist for a long time and consistently, and, perhaps, in this respect has no analogues in the animalistic genre.
Sergey, however, does not have a single reference to the topic of hunting. The artist is not interested in the psychology of bullying, not the predator–victim relationship, but the moment of confrontation, the collision of two forces, the stunning combination of speed and power, the lightning speed of the throw, muscle tension.A characteristic feature of this sculptor is an honest, serious approach to work. Krivtsov tries to focus on the classical canons of the "old sample", however, he often experiments with new materials. But when it comes to bronze casting, he never skips the stages: plasticine – gypsum – wax – bronze. "Only by working with full dedication at all these stages can you get results." This is the case when the creative inspiration of the artist and the mastery of the craft come together to give birth to wonderful works.
Preserving the originality, the sculptor does not forget about the huge heritage created by animalists of ancient and modern times. Bari, Maine, Klodt, Liberich, Yushkov, Efimov, Vatagin, Martz... they left wonderful, admirable creations. Be like them and be different – this is the creative credo of Sergei Krivtsov.

The Bronze Miracle Workshop presents jewelry, desk writing instruments and desk jewelry, silver sculpture, jewelry made of silver, gold and precious stones, festive table items, the art of bronze and semi-precious stones, created by the creative union of artists and jewelers.

All presented products are copyrighted, in a single copy.
The authors did not accidentally choose the name "Bronze Miracle" for the gallery.

Bronze - the material we started with, although today in the gallery you can see a wide exposition of gold, silver, ornamental stone, expensive wood, precious materials… Metal and stone embody the riches and colors of nature. But only a true master will be able to release this hidden beauty, combine it with an artistic idea, emphasize the value of both.
"Bronze Miracle" focuses on handmade work so that every thing turns out to be unique - as every pebble, leaf, cloud and Person is unique. Any product created in workshops is an independent decoration in itself and, at the same time, can complement the existing interior. Decorative fountains, elegant malachite vases and tables, exclusive bronze and silver sculptures decorate homes and offices. All the works of the "Bronze Miracle" can become exclusive expensive gifts.

The jewelry collections feature gold and silver jewelry, elite bracelets, unique rings and other luxury items. From the items of decoration of the festive table, you will be surprised by jade and agate glass, coffee and tea sets with patterns of silver, gold and precious stones, or silver and gold caviar bowls in the form of a crab or sturgeon. Floor sculpture made of bronze or vases made of jasper and marble were the decoration of the most expensive interior at all times.

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