Лот : 3830 | Infinite Energy Масло, паста, холст

Timson Olga
Создано: 2016 г.
Нахождение лота Москва (77)
До закрытия 12 часов, 44 минуты (Вс 26 Июн 2022 )

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Цена : 105415
Описание "Infinite Energy Масло, паста, холст " /Картины/

"The artwork ""Infinite Energy"" is included in the Grand Art exhibition collection ""Passionate"" Oil on canvas, with use of texture paste and sand, whereby the artwork is looking relief. The Artwork is varnished for protection from dust, moisture and UV rays. 130 x 80 cm, August 2016. I was inspired by a special knowledge, the magnetic wave and an infinite energy, torus"

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