Лот : 3831 | El Amor Aequante Масло, паста, холст

Timson Olga
Создано: 2016 г.
Нахождение лота Москва (77)
До закрытия 1 неделя, 1 день (Вс 05 Июн 2022 )

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Цена : 112000
Описание "El Amor Aequante Масло, паста, холст " /Картины/

"The artwork ""El Amor Aequante"" is included in the Grand Artexhibition collection ""Passionate"" Size 100 x 100 cm, year of establishment – august 2016. This artwork is original. Oil on canvas, with use of texture paste and sand, whereby the artwork is looking relief. The Artwork is varnished for protection from dust, moisture and UV rays. Love inspired me to create this painting. In relations between a man and a woman is someone who likes stronger and someone weaker, and so this painting will help to restore the balance of love between two lovers. this painting can be hung on the wall whichever side"

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