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Born September 30, 1954 in the city of Syzran.

He graduated from the All -Union Correspondence Machine -Building Institute.He worked in the specialty at industrial enterprises of the city, by profession he is metallurgical.

In 1990, Alexander Alekseevich graduated from an art school in the city of Syzran.

In 2001, his first personal exhibition “On Syzran with Love” was held in the exhibition hall of G. Syzran.He also began to set his work in the galleries of Samara and Togliatti.

In 2002, the second personal exhibition of works A. Lednev was held in the exhibition hall."Les Couleurs de la russie."Since 2002, he began to exhibit in France.I held exhibitions immediately in seven cities of this country.More than 80 paintings by the artist are now in France constantly.

In 2004, an anniversary exhibition dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the artist was held, it passed the exhibition hall of Syzran.

In 2005, an exhibition is held in the provincial Duma of Samara, and then the personal exhibition of the works of Alexander Alekseevich took place in France, in the city of Zhonzag.

2006 was also awarded the artist’s personal exhibitions.They take place in the cities of France - Montenter, Mirbo, as well as in Berlin.

In 2008, it became the president of the Russian branch of the Association "Palette of the World".

2010 - participation in the art salon of the city of La Bourboule, France.

2013 - Festival in the city of Veerson (France).

Alexander Alekseevich Lednev writes both realistic landscapes and still lifes, as well as abstract works, constantly tries himself in a variety of manners, amazing his fans with the breadth of the creative range.Despite the creative diversity of topics and picturesque techniques, his work is immediately recognized, the style and manner of this artist is always purely individual and unique.

Lot No. 1749
City f for acrylic, canvas
35 000.00
Lot No. 2256
Autumn yard oil, canvas
33 000.00
Lot No. 1628
Venice. Excusely San Mark oil,…
65 000.00
Lot No. 4480
Samara St. Michurina Acryl, ca…
27 500.00
Lot No. 1793
Vertical cities oil, canvas
60 000.00
Lot No. 4476
Piones on pink acrylic, canvas
48 000.00
Lot No. 1806
Winter evening oil, canvas
38 000.00
Lot No. 1633
Winter sketch oil, canvas
25 000.00
Lot No. 3045
City oil, canvas
30 000.00
Lot No. 1815
Irises oil, canvas
20 000.00
Lot No. 2270
View of the Volzhsky cliff oil…
20 000.00
Lot No. 3052
Cardboard, acrylic
26 000.00
Lot No. 1784
Evening Samara oil, canvas
48 000.00
Lot No. 4479
Acrylic city, canvas
20 000.00
Lot No. 1777
Cities. Ports. Aerports Acryl,…
45 000.00
Lot No. 1741
View of high -rise buildings o…
65 000.00
Lot No. 4482
Start Winter Oil, MDF
17 000.00
Lot No. 2273
In the autumn city oil, canvas
55 000.00
Lot No. 2258
In the summer in the mountains…
64 000.00
Lot No. 4470
French Dvrick Acrylic, canvas
60 000.00
Lot No. 3054
Port to the Acrylic wine cella…
20 000.00
Lot No. 1757
Italian roofs oil, canvas
90 000.00
Lot No. 1772
Winter oil, canvas
50 000.00
Lot No. 4473
Poppy oil, canvas
28 000.00
Lot No. 1700
Passage acrylic, canvas
20 000.00
Lot No. 1632
Red and yellow oil composition…


58 000.00
Lot No. 1801
Summer in Mayero Acrylic, canv…
40 000.00
Lot No. 4497
Oil abstraction, canvas
20 000.00
Lot No. 4498
Winter coniferous forest oil, …
58 000.00
Lot No. 3063
Cafe in Mudor Acryl, canvas
20 000.00
Lot No. 3049
Voskresensky monastery oil, ca…
40 000.00
Lot No. 1756
Kazan Cathedral Oil, canvas
20 000.00
Lot No. 1785
City R Acryl, canvas
20 000.00
Lot No. 1754
Spring landscape oil, canvas
30 000.00
Lot No. 2254
River Daria oil, canvas
30 000.00
Lot No. 4499
House Claude Acryl, canvas
24 000.00