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painter, designer 1948 was born in Smolensk.

1957 graduated from the Belarusian State Theater and Art Institute, Minsk.

1979 graduated from the Smolensk State Pedagogical Institute.Karl Marx, Faculty of Art and Grandmia.

1980-1994 Artist of Smolensk Art and Production Workshops of the Hudfond RSFSR.

1990 Member of the Union of Artists of the USSR (since 1991 - member of the Union of Artists of Russia).1994-1995 Chief artist of the Chamber Theater, Smolensk.

1995 Member of the Union of Designers of Russia.1995 according to N/to the teacher of the art department of the college at the Smolensk State Institute of Arts.

1997 participated in the international player "Yurai Autumn-97", Ventokhov (Poland).1998-2001 Lecturer at the Department of Modern Design of the Smolensk College of Economics and Law.1999 Member of the International Deader in Vyazm.2000 a state scholarship in the field of design was awarded.Laureate of the All -Russian National Prize in the field of Victoria Design in the design of design -pedagogy for advertising graphics on voluminous and spatial forms.He was elected a member of the revision commission of the Smolensk branch of the Union of Designers of Russia.2001 according to N/in Associate Professor of the Department of Design of the Smolensk State Pedagogical Institute.

Participation in exhibitions.Since 1985, a permanent participant in regional art exhibitions.1985 Exhibition of works of young artists, dedicated to the XII International Festival of Youth and Students in Moscow, Smolensk.1987 Exhibition of student works "On the 40th anniversary of the Belarusian State Theater-Art Institute", Minsk.

1988 Personal exhibition in Smolensk, regional library.1991 Republican exhibition of unique graphics, Moscow.Personal exhibition of Smolensk.1993 Personal exhibition, Gagarin.1997 Exhibition of Smolensk artists in the administration of the Smolensk region, Smolensk.VIII Regional Exhibition "Artists of the Central Regions of Russia", Moscow.The exhibition based on the results of the International Deader "Juray Autumn-97", Venthov (Poland).1998 Exhibition of Smolensk artists at the Military Academy of Air Defense, Smolensk.

Personal exhibition in Smolensk.1999 I regional design exhibition, Smolensk.Group exhibition of Smolensk artists in Mogilev.All-Russian art exhibition "Renaissance", dedicated to the 2000th anniversary of Christianity, Kostroma.2000 All -Russian design exhibition "Best in the World and Russia", Moscow.Personal exhibition, Smolensk.

2003 All -Russian exhibition "Green noise", the city of the Ivanovo region.All -Russian exhibition "Heritage", Voronezh.Regional exhibition "Artists of the Central Regions of Russia", Lipetsk.2004 International Exhibition "Interprex", Smolensk.The artist’s works are stored in the Smolensk Museum-Reserve, the Gagarin Museum, are in private collections in Russia and abroad.2005 1st All -Russian Exhibition "Renaissance", Belgorod.2007 Exhibition of works of Smolensk artists in the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.

2008 International exhibition "Monuments of the Fatherland", Tver.International exhibition "From Mark Shagal to the present day", g.Smolensk.The All -Russian Exhibition "Renaissance", the city of Tambov is a personal anniversary exhibition, the city of Smolensk.2009 All -Russian exhibition "Russia", Moscow.

Lot No. 2125
End of summer. Cardboard, oil.…
45 000.00
Lot No. 2128
Teacher. Cardboard, oil. 26 x …
45 000.00
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Tea still life. Cardboard, oil…
50 000.00
Lot No. 2124
Vyazma. Cardboard, oil. 30 x 2…
45 000.00
Lot No. 2126
Outside the city - winter. Car…
40 000.00