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Born in Transbaikalia in 1937.

After graduating from an art school in the city of Irkutsk, she entered the Moscow State Art Institute.V.I. Surikova and graduated in 1964, studied with Mikhail Ivanovich Kurilko.

Since 1968 - Member of the Union of Artists of Russia.As an artist-winner, she worked at the Central Children's Theater in Moscow, at the Dubna Theater, on Central Television.

Zinaida Arsenieva took part in many all -Union and All -Russian exhibitions, made two personal exhibitions.

The artist’s works are in private collections in Russia, Finland, France, the USA.
Lot No. 2214
Old pear.Canvas, oil.52 x 65 cm
65 000.00
Lot No. 2215
55 000.00
Lot No. 2209
Who is higher!Canvas, oil.66 x…
55 000.00
Lot No. 2213
The Tatar blooms.Canvas, oil.5…
55 000.00
Lot No. 2211
Zapruda.Holst, oil.57 x 68 cm
50 000.00
Lot No. 2210
Crimean motive.Canvas, oil.44 …


55 000.00
Lot No. 2212
40 000.00