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People's Artist of the Russian Federation. & nbsp; born in Moscow in 1939.

In 1951-1958 he studied at the Moscow Secondary Art School.Immediately after graduation, he entered the Moscow Art Institute.IN AND.Surikova, where he studied in a poster workshop with M.M.Cheremnyaa, N.A.Ponomareva, O.M.Savostyuk, B.A.Uspensky.In 1964 he graduated from the institute.

People's Artist of Russia, member of the Union of Artists of the USSR.

In 1988, he is elected secretary of the Union of Artists of the RSFSR, heads the Mosha poster commission and becomes a curator in the Far East.

His teachers were N.A. Ponomarev (head of the workshop), O.M. Savostyuk and B.A. Uspensky.

Since 1964, Arsenyev has become a regular participant in all -Union, Moscow and foreign exhibitions.In 1976For the poster “Let there always be the Sun”, he receives the first prize at the All -Union Poster Competition.Naturalness and a serious attitude to their work are distinguished by the work of Arkady Arseniev.

The artist’s inquisitive gaze extracts everything necessary for creativity from the surrounding world.A sense of color, the desire to deeply comprehend the basic laws of fine art, regardless of the genre, make Arsenyev one of the successors of the traditions of M.M. Cheremnya.

Impeccable taste and special truthfulness differ in the picturesque paintings of the artist.The nature of the Crimea, with its sun soaked in the sun, old trees, flowers, the star radiance of eternity at night - burst into his life and work.Children, boys, women living in a dense, like honey, color space, separated from ordinary life with peace and silence, fill his work (series “Crimean nights”, “grasses, trees and stones”, “young man in the vineyard”)./p>

Arseniev has always occupied a large place in the work of Arsenyev.Direct-perlamin, golden, white-pink bodies in the artist’s works personify the highest purity that nature itself carries (“under the sun,“ naked ”,“ sunny path ”).The graphic works of the artist deserve special attention, whether it be a portrait, landscape or still life.They always have clarity of plastic tasks, imagery and generalization.Its graphic landscapes are full of poetic feelings, they capaciously express a certain time of day, time of the year, the features of this area.Images are full of life and beauty.The color of the firs is and carny, but does not lose the charms of watercolors ("sun stones", "sonorous water", "two").

The names of the series and works of Arsenyev are interesting: “Simple still lifes”, “Young men and stones”, “His name was free”, “Old Tatar gardens who saw a lot” who help to trace the path of a deeply hidden sense of the artist.Arkady Borisovich was not only a talented artist, but also a wonderful teacher.

He taught the last 12 years of his life at the State Specialized Institute of Arts, transmitting his rich creative experience and artistic fantasy to students, engaged in each ward as much as it was required for successful work.

Arseniev - was not only a mature master, but also an outstanding person with his individuality and character, whose work carried a feeling of “happiness to live”!

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Rosehip blooms
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In our garden
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Rural surroundings
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View from the hill
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Green Tree
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Our house
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Summer landscape No. 2
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Summer landscape No. 1
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In the palm
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Lake.Canvas, oil.30 x 23 cm
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