Mr. Morozov Ivan Ekimovich - Leningrad - initials of "MOROSOVA"


Mr. Morozov Ivan Ekimovich - Leningrad - initials of "MOROSOVA"




GoodsA cow and a slice tray, silver boards for the shipment, a glass of email, GIM. Metal Metal:

Morozov Ivan Ekimovich (death in 1885), gold master, founder of the I.E. MORZOVINA trading house in the Hotel Palace in 1849, Petersburg, with his own workshop. There's a picture of the name of the master "MOROW" and a double-headed eagle. The firm performed many major orders and was considered to be one of the best in Russia and had the name of the front-rower, had a special office for the manufacture of silver products, had been in operation before the 1990s; master: F. Tiander, A. I. Sandpenen and others: a carpet and a tray, silver plating boards for a glass of ships, Metal: silver

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