Master's stamp Orlov Dmitry Ivanovich - Moscow - initials "D-O" - 1840-1872.


Master's stamp Orlov Dmitry Ivanovich - Moscow - initials "D-O" - 1840-1872.


MetalSilver , Gold

Beginning1840The end1872

Goodssalaries of icons, coasters, GIM; salaries of icons, ERO; gift keeper, KPL. (1840-1872)


Orlov Dmitri Ivanovich, owner of a gold and silver factory founded in 1840, was awarded a large silver medal at the 1865 Manufacturing Exhibition in Moscow; in 1860, there were 35 workers and 10 pupils, in 1,860 workers and 160 pupils, each year, producing up to 200,000 roubles of silver. On the master's cage, the initials "D" and "O," the letters are divided by a point in the middle. Items: Icon salaries, sub-standard, GIM; mortgages of icon, ERO; donator, CPL. (1840-1872) Form: Metal rectangle:

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