Coaster Holder State, Workshop-Studio "Mezhov"



Coasters "State" from the workshop-studio "Mezhov" Materials: silver 925°. Manufacturing technique: casting on removable models, polishing, patination. A coaster is a stand that surrounds and supports a glass, mostly cylindrical in shape, with a handle to hold the glass and enjoy hot tea without burning your hand. The exact date of the invention of the coaster is unknown. Initially, it served purely a technical function, and the coaster as we know it today took shape at the end of the eighteenth century. It is during this period that the first mentions of coasters appear, as an element of Russian tea drinking with independent artistic value. The XIX and early XX centuries (before the revolution) saw the peak of this item as a work of decorative and applied art. Coasters were made by firms such as Carl Faberge, Ovchinnikov, Khlebnikov and others. These items were made in the Russian style as well as the Gothic or Modern style.

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