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Silver manual cup holder Ivan Tsarevich from silver 925 samples.Casting.Glass. Original Russian VIP gift. Artists: Buchin V.E., Novikova T.A., Arkhangelskaya A.L. Technologies: casting, gilding, oxidation, engraving. Material: silver 925 samples, crystal Size (d/sh/c): 103x77x121 mm About the product. The cup holder based on the fairy tale “Tsarevna-Snow” symbolizes the path of the prince to happiness.He is thorny and not easy.The artist’s hand masterfully conveys the mood of the traveler striving for his fate.On the one hand, the cup holder is a prince, on the other - a frog.He looks out, searches, spreads the stems.They sway in the wind, at some point they are ready to open the road, but at the last moment they close and hide it-the only one.Truly jewelry work: Ivan’s robe, along with the tips of reeds and flowers, shimmers with gilding.Put a cup holder filled with a fragrant drink under the bright light, and it sparkles like under the rays of the bright sun.The figure of the prince is sophisticated and noble, as befits a crowned person from a fairy tale.And on the other side, sheltered from his eyes, a frog with an arrow - waits for when he sees it, takes into his own hands, make an offer, and she will blossom in response and become the most beautiful queen in the world.

Amazing work perfectly reflects the symbol of the fairy tale.Many of us consider ourselves the princes, but only the real one will see the princess in the frog and will be rewarded.And after many years, a glass filled with tea will convey the mood and wisdom of the fairy tale to grandchildren and great -grandchildren, and at the same time they will find out how their grandfather and grandmother found and wrapped each other.And an important part is a shame glass glass and is produced by the manufacturer. The product was developed and manufactured by the Volgorechensky jewelry plant "Russian silver"

How difficult it is to sometimes find your love!And having learned her, not to lose, to save.In ancient Slavic traditions, far from people, in the mountains, on the shore of lakes or swamps lived beautiful girls in unusual clothes, sometimes similar to frog skin.They lived in solitude from people, trying not to catch their eyes.But sometimes it happened - as in a fairy tale about Ivan -Tsarevich - his arrow flew far, far away and he went to look for his happiness.The legends say that if those girls met the earthly young man, then they married him, and became skilled mistresses and beautiful craftsmen.And only the husband could take off their magic clothes from them.So in a fairy tale happened: Ivan Tsarevich, finding his frog, could not believe for a long time that this was his fate.And remember how much she baked the pie, the tastier and sweeter than which was not in the whole world, but which the carpet woven ... But the most magical was when she danced at a feast.White swans flew from one sleeve, and the beautiful lake spilled from the other, where the wine poured its wine. And now the prince, seeing such a miracle, hurried to get rid of frog clothes and almost lost his happiness. There is something to think about ... This collection can serve as an excellent gift for the young, who are just starting to recognize each other, and for those who have lived together for many years.After all, having gained their happiness, men become the princes, and the girls - beautiful princesses.

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