Japanese vase Kor (chicken) silver with colored enamel and golden varnish, decorated with Sibayama


Japanese Silver-Enamel & Shibayama Decoed Gold Lacquer Koro. Master: Naomas The period: 1868 - 1912.Japan of the Meiji era, XIX century. Material: silver, ivory, varnishes, coral, turtle shell Size: height 18 cm, Here is a decorative silver vase with a lid.On the lid there is a figure of an eagle sitting on the rocks.Two panels of the golden varnish inlaid with ivory, mother -of -pearl, tortoise shell, and coral, in the style of the cathe (birds) are mounted on the body of the object on both sides.Stylized enamel pens are placed on the grinder.The silver surface of the vase is abundantly decorated with floral ornaments - polychrome vitreous enamels.The work is made in the style of Sibayama.The product is distinguished by the skill of execution and the nobility of a combination of decor elements against the background of a silver tint and golden tone of inserts.The level of artistic performance allows us to talk about the museum meaning of this subject. *Sibayama is a very complex and surprisingly beautiful technique for decorating interior items, which consists in splashing products made of wood, metal and ceramics of materials such as ivory, mother -of -pearl, coral, turtle shell, etc. Description: As you might imagine these delicate works rareles survive Fully Intact, I am pleated to report the Condition of this is simply Stunning, no damage or losses to either there, the individualss to either there.Signature on Base. The Shibayama Deceration Contains No Ivory and TheFore Can BE SHIPPED to Most Places Worldwide with no Licence Issues. Approximate Sizes Max Height 18 Cm
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