Japanese vase Koro (incense burner) silver with colored enamel and golden lacquer, decorated with Shibayama



Japanese Silver-enamel & Shibayama Decorated Gold Lacquer Koro. Master: Naomasa Period: 1868 - 1912. Meiji era, 19th century Japan. Materials: Silver, ivory, lacquer, coral, tortoiseshell Size: 18 cm in height Before you is a decorative silver vase with a lid. On the lid is a figure of an eagle sitting on a rock. On the body of the object, two panels of gold lacquer are inset on both sides, inlaid with ivory, mother-of-pearl, tortoiseshell, and coral, in the style of kyo (birds). Stylized enamel handles are placed on the shoulders. The silver surface of the vase is abundant with floral ornaments - polychromatic vitreous enamels. The work is done in the style of shibayama. The craftsmanship and noble combination of decorative elements against the silver background and golden tone inserts distinguish the piece. The level of artistic execution allows for the recognition of the museum value of this item. Shibayama is a very complex and astonishingly beautiful technique of decorating interior objects, involving the inlaying of materials such as ivory, mother-of-pearl, coral, tortoiseshell, etc., into wooden, metal, and ceramic pieces.

Description: Part of our Japanese art collection, we are pleased to offer this high-quality silver and enamel koro (incense burner) inset with shibayama decorated gold lacquer panels. The segmented body of the koro is made of silver, profusely enameled with bright floral decorations. The front and back cartouches house a pair of shibayama-style gold lacquer panels decorated with birds amidst prunus blossoms. The side handles are adorned with silver three-clawed dragons, and the lid is topped with a ho-ho bird, wings outstretched. Signed by the artist on the shibayama panels and by the enamelist/silversmith under the silver body. A collaboration of traditional Meiji skills worked into this magnificent finished article. The delicate work of art is in stunning condition, with no damage or losses to the enamel or shibayama. Signature on base. The shibayama decoration does not contain ivory and can be shipped worldwide without license issues. Approximate size: Max height 18 cm

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