VAZ "Geese-Swans"



VAZ "Geese-Swans" Artists: Kiseleva E.V., Arkhangelskaya ⠀ A.L., Novikova T.A. Technologies: casting, gilding, oxidation, engraving Material: silver 925 samples, crystal Size (d/sh/c): 130x155x155 mm Product weight: 654

About the product: The fairy tale "Geese-Swans" is widely known and beloved.

The Russian writer R.P. Pogodin spoke about her: “This fairy tale is some kind of miracle.Endlessly and edges.And up and in the depths.Both in breadth and into the distance "

The artists of the plant also could not remain indifferent to this work and created an elegant vase based on it.It is made in the form of an apple tree, remembered by expressiveness and subtle elaboration of elements.Crystal insert is made using manual cut in the form of air clouds.Through the crystal, a magnificent crown of apple tree with its golden apples is clearly visible, and white geese-swans hover under the clouds in search of the sister of Alyonushka and the brother of Ivanushka.The apple tree obscured them from the insidious birds with her branches and covered it with gilded leaves.

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