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One of the rarest vases from the Royal Copenhagen "Baca" series. The decor was designed by Niels Torsson in the 1960s, and this vase was produced from 1969 to 1974. The vase is decorated with stylized ornamental decor. The 1960s Niels Torsson (1898-1975) matte brown clay vase made of alumina produced by Royal Copenhagen, Denmark, from the Baca Fajance series. The vase features numerous abstract birds, unusual flowers, and creatures on all four sides. The vase has a complex design with a large number of details on such a small surface area. Stamped on the base, it is marked 719/3259. Dimensions: Depth: 7.5 cm Width: 7.5 cm Height: 22.5 cm. Royal Copenhagen Baca Flask Vase, Niels Johan Thorvald Torsson (1898–1975), a ceramic artist and designer for Royal Copenhagen - Aluminia. Niels joined Royal Copenhagen as an apprentice in 1912 and graduated from the Danish Royal Academy in 1917. He later became the most prolific designer for Royal Copenhagen. He was the artistic director of Royal Copenhagen from 1949 and the artistic director of Aluminia from 1928 to 1969. Niels developed at least 5 of the most famous production lines for Royal Copenhagen Aluminia. Thorsson's works as a designer varied greatly from naturalistic motives with depictions of birds, fish, and butterflies to abstract and geometric motives. During his time at Royal Copenhagen, Thorsson was the most productive designer at the factory, developing at least five of the most famous production lines for the company, including Solberg (1930s); Marselis (Alumina, 1950s) - an elegant yet affordable line for everyday use; Tenera (1960s); Baca (1960s) with highly detailed and intricate relief; and Diana (1970s), as well as many other glazed items that are less well-known and harder to find in the vintage market. Both in the Baca and Tenera series, forms designed by Thorsson himself were used, while others were the result of teamwork. Thorsson's pieces and patterns are marked with his cipher on the base. Thorsson passed away in 1975 in Copenhagen. Today, his mid-century clay products are highly sought after by collectors and lovers of valuable vintage items.

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