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KJL (Kenneth Jay Lane) /Jay Lane /

KJL (Kenneth Jay Lane)

Kenneth Jay Lane was born in Detroit, in 1930, he began his career in New York in the mid-1950s.
He was the first male designer to dare to develop jewelry for women-for conservative America of the 40s, it was a bold step.Kenneth believed that it was time to bring beauty into everyday life, diversify its colors, and add joy.Bright beautiful jewelry, not alien to classics on the one hand, but also elusively modern on the other, quickly gained popularity among the elite of society.

His work in the art department of Vogue magazine was noticed by the legendary editor Diana Vrine, and she placed his sketches in the magazine.The famous store Sax in Manhattan sold creations all the creations of Kenneth Jay Lane in one day.

Always bright, stylish and elegant, Lane jewelry is characterized by logical combinations of materials and creative, and sometimes a wise processing of many traditional styles.Kenneth Jay Lane calls are diverse: this is the Ar-Deco line-the unfading classic, and the “Animals” line with animalist motifs, and the modern casting of jewelry, clinging to the eye.Materials, at first glance, are the most traditional for jewelry: jurisric alloy, enamel, gilding, rhinestones, but the fantasy of the designer turns them into the scattering of the treasures of the East, then into a strict geometry of the decorations of the Fitzgerald era, then into the gold of the Scythians.

The sparkling transparent stones in Line products are always the best Swarovski crystals, and colored stones and artificial pearls are saturated with amazing depth and brightness of color.

Kenneth Jay Lane is not just a brand of jewelry, this is the name of the patriarch of American design, the favorite of America Kenneth Jay Lane.One of the first and possibly the brightest fans of the brand was Jacqueline Kennedy.And now the tradition does not die: it was Kenneth Jay Lane jewelry that were used in the filming of the television series “Sex and the City”.

Kenneth Jay Lane has created a huge number of jewelry for the first Lady of the United States.These are such famous women as Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Elizabeth Taylor, Diana Vrivend, Audrey Hepburn, Rachel Welch.Ivan Trump, Nensi Reagan, Barbara Bush, Diana, Princess of Wales.Kenneth Jay Lane jewelry in their wardrobe have such blue stars such as: sisters Olsen, Sarah Jessica Parker, Misha Barton, Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Nicole Kidman, Beyoncé, Maryl Strep, Hillary Duff, Jin Smart, PaulAbdul, Kerry Anderwood.

Many US museums, such as the Dalla Museum of Art, have in their collections K.J.L.
Products K.J.L.Along with precious, jewelry is offered for sale at the famous auctions Sotbis and Christis, the New York auction Doyle.

Fundamentally, all the decorations of Kenneth Jay Lane are made of metal, crystals, ceramics and resins.The designer never became a jeweler, although he was repeatedly asked why.

"I do not want to do things for a million dollars, with priceless pearls on the neck you have no freedom. In addition, I am too lazy to collect emeralds from the floor."