Glass production


Muranian glass: charm magic.The story of the famous Italian fishing.

All of us are familiar with beautiful figures from multi -colored stuffed glass, the secrets of the creation of which are transmitted to Italy from century to century.Let's get acquainted with the amazing history of this skill.

The legend from Venice to Murano.

The history of Muranian glass, which was originally called the Venetian, originates about the 12th century with the spread of the simplest glass objects of everyday life.With the growth of technology and skill, by the 15th century, Venice came to world domination in glass.

The secret of receiving is unusual, even magically looking figures made of blowing glass were kept in the strictest confidence.Masters were forbidden to move from the city, to communicate with someone on topics related to the manufacturing technique of glass.

News about the brilliant works of Venetian masters flew around the world, attracting more and more merchant ships to the shores of the city channels.The city’s authorities at all costs wanted to maintain a secret, and the increasing production led them to the idea that it was necessary to take out the workshops of glassbuilders outside the city.So a significant moment took place in the history of Muranian glass.Masters were transported to Murano - a small island near the shores of Venice.From that moment, the official history of glass skill began, which became called Muransky.

Objects of luxury and wealth.

Since then, products from Muranian glass have been considered and are considered special details of luxurious houses.The figures were given to rich families, court ladies, to show their feelings, kings to put in a word behind themselves.The Venetian rulers presented Muranian glass to all their guests.

By the 16th century, there was no such person in Europe and beyond, which would not hear about wonderful figures from multi -colored shimmering glass, as if completely weightless, most bizarre and amazing forms.

The attack of the French.

It seemed that everything was going well.But in 1797, the French attacked the island of masters.Over 9 years, they destroyed almost all plants and workshops of Muranian glass.Glory has subsided.Someone sighed that the technology was lost.Someone believed that the former glory would return.

In the middle of the 19th century, the lawyer Antonio Salviati and his two friends from England built a plant on Murano.Thanks to their efforts, the production of Muranian glass resumed, the technology was improved and the products again began to conquer the world with their beauty.

What today?

Murano glass does not slow down its popularity.Now it is used in subject design due to its abilities to play with color and light.Murano glass is able to fit himself into any style of interior, reviving it to bright colors and bizarre forms.

The famous Belladgio Hotel in Las Vegas, for example, designed the entrance group on the reception of an amazing composition of Muranian glass.

On the island of Murano, young designers are looking for inspiration, and masters pass their craft to students.