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A brand of Bohemia crystal dishes is known worldwide.The brand products belong to the Lux class, it has established itself well.Crystal is a very beautiful material in itself.This manufacturer constantly proves that the form has a meaning, talent and fantasy of glassbuilding.

Crystal shines and shimmers, sounds, changes the atmosphere.The surrounding space, thanks to its presence and feast, goes into the background.But some of his features, on the contrary, become important.The harmony of color in the decor is of particular importance - a tablecloth and curtains, furniture upholstery.The ringing of glasses fills the air with vibration, merges with music.Crystal becomes a conductor and magician.The hall seems to be either fabulous and mysterious, then bright and bright, then strict and solemn - depending on how the light falls.Brand Brand designers, knowing all the features and magic of this type of glass, create real masterpieces.Patterns, shape, color, ideal quality of crystal help in this.And the ashtray, and the salad bowl, and the vase, when it comes to the brast of crystal dishes of Bohemia, will give an impression on guests, give a good mood to the owners.

The plant engaged in its production is located in the Czech Republic, in the small town of Svetla-Sazavow.He began working in 1967.According to historical information, the production of crystal in this area engaged in the 16th century And it is quite possible that the long -standing traditions of glassbuilding, their secrets help create only high -quality dishes today.

The first batches of crystal dishes released by Sklo Bohemia A.S.- handmade.Automated production only in 1975.It became easier to make the dishes, and this did not affect the quality.The brand became truly competitive, and one could move forward.Popularity in the Czech Republic, fame abroad came by itself.It was always fashionable to give crystal.So it turned out that a valuable gift attracted attention, encouraged to buy himself such a dishes.Bohemia searched, ordered, waited.

In 2000, an important event occurred - the plant completed the installation and launched two new melting agrigates.With their help, it became possible to create large -sized products from crystal - weighing up to 6 kg, up to 43 cm high. This brought production to a new level, made it possible to comply with world standards in full.

In 2008, the company closed, but Bohemia also liked people, and in 2009 everything returned to their own circles.The release of Bohemia continued.The owners of the company changed, its name: now the brand belonged to “Crystalite Bohemia, S.R.O.”, Luborus Cerva.The goal was now only one thing - to take a leader's place among the glass factories.And the new owner coped with the task.

Crystal dishes of the Bohemia luxury class are sold today in 52 countries of the world.The new glass-mass formula, which meets the standards of environmental safety, guarantees high quality, someone liked even more of the previous crystal.

In addition to crystal, ordinary glassware is produced as part of the brand.Crystal from the glass is distinguished by the presence of lead in the glass massage (the norm is about 24%).There are no lead in these products in the glassmass.But the quality is the same is Bohemia.The assortment complements mattressed glass.Such an effect is obtained using fluoristic acid.The degree of dullness may differ, depending on the desire of the designer, his ideas - the concentration of fluoristal acidic acid affects the saturation.The matte pattern decorates dishes, attracts attention, likes.To decorate, embody dreams, engraving, grinding, firing with colored sparkles are also used.

In the collections of Bohemia there are non -standard, bright options for the usual dishes.Traditions do not interfere with keeping up with the times.This attracts the attention of buyers more and more often, contributes to the growth and development of the enterprise.The brand has a lot to come.