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Lalique /Lalik /

Lalique is one of the oldest companies that engage in the production of art and crystal art products. The history of this French brand began back in the 19th century When the unknown young master began to create his first jewelry Lalik.

Over time, a talented jeweler was able to win the hearts of a huge number of fans in their native France and around the world.For example, the famous theater diva Sarah Bernard simply adored the design of Rene Lalik.Thanks to this actress, the work of the master has gained particular popularity in elite circles.

The beginning of the history of the Lalique House can be called the discovery in 1889 of its own studio, where they began to create various glass products.

The goods that the workshop produced were signed by the name of the master.Rene Lalik began to be called the best designer, jeweler and glassbuilding of his time.The style of the master to this day is distinguished by unique grace and elegance, it originates in the style of Art Nouveau.

The first Lalique store appeared in Paris in 1905. Soon Rene soon began to make bottles for the famous spirits of the Cotoi fashion house.Lalique vials betray dear elitism to dear spirits.Unique art objects are of great artistic value thanks to unusual design and unique technologies for their creation.

In 1910, the designer acquired a small plant in Comb-La Wil, and in 1918 he bought a large factory in Alsace.The company was engaged in the production of various products made of glass and crystal, for example, vases, lamps, jewelry, etc.For his brand, the designer developed and introduced the author’s method of casting under pressure, which is used in our time.

Today, the Lalique brand retains the secrets of its unique technologies, including the method of production of magnificent opalescent glass.In the manufacture of modern products, the original color glass Lalique, as well as the famous glass covered with colored enamel, is used.

Lalique produced perfume bottles for various fashion houses.So at present, Nina Ricci sells perfumes in Lalique from crystal.

Until the 90s.Last century, the company made only perfume bottles, and in 1992 the first aroma of this fashion house called Lalique de Lalique was born.Now the company is still engaged in the production of perfumes in its own bottles.

After the death of the ingenious master, the company passed to his son Mark Lalik, and then to the granddaughter of Mari-Claude.

Lalique brand: from the past to the present.

Founded at the end of the 19th century, the Lalique brand today is a recognized standard of French chic.It is rightfully considered the world leader in the manufacture of artistic objects of glass and crystal from Lalik.

Currently, Lalique is engaged in the production of jewelry, decorative elements, designer interior items, perfumes, various art objects.

The concept of the brand continues the undertaking of a brilliant master - the founder of the company.The company produces exclusive jewelry to Rene Lalik, bottles, art objects, unique decorative things are created within the framework of the brand.

The company has talented designers who annually create new collections.The creative team of the company finds inspiration in three topics that were close to the founder of the brand - Rene Lalik: female figures, images of animals and plants.

Creating new designs, Lalique experts use both traditional techniques, for example, sketches and modeling, and new computer technologies, such as 3D printing.The process of improving the product continues in the factory workshops.Each product, for example, Lalique vase, passes up to 40 different stages of production.

The brand is constantly developing, creating new magnificent things.Modern company designers are working to rethink the rich cultural traditions of Lalique, preserving all the most characteristic and recognizable.

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Nowadays, the Lalique style continues to be in trend, proving the enduring value of genuine works of art.