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Brand St.Louis is an example of a true French charm.This is the case when the design is infinitely simple and at the same time saturated to the limit by details, drawings, interspersed, engraving ... When it seems that a little more, another element, and there will be many, but at that moment the master stopsAnd the master of the world is a masterpiece.

History St.Louis began a long time ago, in 1586.This is the date of the opening of the first glass factory in the area of Saint-Louis-le-bish.It was here that the first product was released - then not from crystal, but from the usual glass of glass. However, the features of the material did not prevent the Saint -Louis masters from creating real miracles that were impressive even sophisticated crowned persons.

So, for example, Louis XV himself was so amazed at the work of local glasses that he granted the Royal title with a small little -known factory.Verrerie Royale de Saint -Louis - it acquired this name in 1767, and already in 1782 it became called Chritallerie Royale de Saint -Louis - factory crystal.

Francois de Bofor brought a special formula for this material.After a short time, he made a revolution in his field and, together with the factory workers, created something unprecedented - color crystal.This material had completely special features: being painted, it still retained light transparency, so that in colorful glasses it was possible to distinguish a shade of a poured drink, and the rays of light were freely made through the suspensions of the candlestick or candelabra. Thexix century was marked for the once tiny factory ST.Louis unprecedented success.

She received worldwide recognition and became a leader in everything that could only concern the technology for creating products from painted crystal, production of complex models, applying ornaments and engraving on a crystal surface.It is at the factory ST.Louis Rich aristocrats ordered objects for serving their tables, and it was the most popular color crystal.Having gained world domination in the crystal market, the factory did not stop for a moment in its desire to develop.

At different times, many and many masters created and created masterpieces here, but they united all of them: a love of beauty and art. It is possible that it was this strong creative beginning and helped the factory save its traditions to the present day.St.Louis exists today, and just like many centuries ago, masters work here, devoted to their business with all their souls. The factory offers connoisseurs of the sophisticated beauty of the crystal not only objects of serving, but also accessories (including vases, chandeliers, candlesticks).Crystal color palette ST.Louis has fifteen shades - more than in many other factories in the world.

All products are created and signed manually: you will not find a single identical glass or candlesticks, and although objects from one set are impeccably similar, each of them has unique features. In his work, the master relies on carefully preserved traditions, known only to St.Louis, as well as on the latest technical achievements of modernity.This is a sophisticated combination of the past and present, traditions and prospects, reinforcement of endless love for beauty and art - it is it that creates ideal conditions for the birth of a masterpiece: Crystal products St.Louis.