Nantgarw / Nantgarf /


Nantgarw / Nantgarf /

Nantgarw China Works is the only preserved porcelain factory of the early 19th century in the United Kingdom.In 1813-1814 and in the period 1817-1820, William Billingley, one of the most remarkable artists and porcelain producers, produced the best porcelain in the world here in Wales.

Nantgarsky porcelain.

In Nantgar, William Billingley improved his porcelain recipe, adding many ingredients known only to him.He managed to make the best porcelain from ever created.

Nantgarw Porcelain is unique in that this is a porcelain mass of soft paste based on bone ash and frit, with which no other porcelain can be compared in translucent or whiteness.In addition, the icing on the porcelain of Nantgarw is an ideal addition to the enameled decor, giving the flowers true brightness and allowing the decor to merge with icing.