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Florenza /Florence /

Florenza was founded in New York by the famous Dan Kasoff designer.The story of how Dan Kazoff found his vocation. The young man was a young man, Daniel was in a restaurant in New York and a coat was stolen.One of the visitors to the institution, the owner of the jewelry company Speier, came to the aid of the young man and gave him money so that he could buy a new coat.Daniel repaid his debt as soon as he could and was rewarded for his decency by getting a place in the jewelry company Speira.He worked there for 10 years, and having gained rich experience, in 1948 he opened his own business - Dan Kasoff, Inc.New York, Ny.

The company sold jewelry to the whole world and was widely represented in stores such as Lord & AMP;Taylor, BloomingDales, Sax Fifth Avenue, Bonwit Teller, throughout the United States.

In 1950, his son Larry joined Daniel.At the same time, the company gained its famous name for the whole world - Florenza, in honor of the wife of Daniel, Florence.The new line of the updated company has become known for its own unique style.Many work reflect the Victorian style and style of the Renaissance, and typical materials - ancient metal for gold, enamel, carved cameras, matte and Aurora borealis crystals of rock crystal.There were two types of cameras - manually carved from a natural sea shell and the so -called Wedgwood Mocha (Vedzhwood Mokka) produced by the famous Wedgwood company.

Florenza has always used only the most beautiful stones from Germany, Austria and from the east, and many stones were made specifically for them.

All jewelry used either a 24KT gold coating or the golden alloys they, wearing sonorous names - “Florenza Gold”, “French Gold” and “French Rose”.?In addition, Florenza had exclusive contracts with Revlon and Estee Lauder brands for the release of containers for lipsticks and solid spirits.The company also engaged in the production of cases for rings, frames and figurines of animals with soft pads.
Florenza also had among its customers the partner companies Coro, Weiss, Hattie Carnegie, Capri and Kramer, developing design and making a number of jewelry for these brands.?After Dan Casoff left, the company was led by his son - Larry Kazoff.Alas, due to the ridiculous car accident that occurred to him in 1981, the famous jewelry brand went down in history, forever remaining Florenza Fabulous - incredible Florentsa ...
At the moment, the price of Florenza jewelry is low, but there is a stable increase in prices for products of this brand, full sets (jewelry sets), as well as cameras and bracelets with ornaments are especially valuable.In any case, when purchasing a Florenza product, you get the highest quality decoration with a magnificent design, promising to become only more expensive over time.At different times, the following marking of Florenza products was used: