The Dulevsky porcelain factory was founded in 1832 by a native of Gzheli Kuznetsov, who planned to establish mass production of porcelain.And after 20 years he made the plant a leading enterprise in Russia.The porcelain of the plant was distinguished by noble simplicity - the dazzling whiteness was combined with the magnificent gilding and uniform, rich brilliance of the glaze.But for successful sales of dishes, a different painting was required - brighter, catchy.

Therefore, the emphasis was on originality, folk art, national characteristics and traditions, as a result of which the unique Dulevsky style was born - "agashi".From these ingenuous ags and Rosanov, all the Dulian drawings went from the folk letter on ceramics, the soul of the Dulian porcelain factory in them.The plant received the greatest development at the management of Matvey Kuznetsov, who created a partnership of the production of porcelain and faience products.The plant workshops were equipped with new equipment from France.

In 1918, the plant was nationalized.In the first years of Soviet power, all forces were aimed at restoring and further development of production capacities.But peaceful, creative work crossed out the Great Patriotic War, during which all the work was carried out for the front and for victory.In the post -war period in 1950, the plant in terms of production reached the pre -war level.In addition to mass porcelain, the factory created masterpieces of Russian porcelain.

In this era, such famous artists as Pyotr Vasilievich Leonov, Ivan Grigoryevich Konkov, A.I. Prokhorov, F.F. Maslov, Vladimir Klimentyevich Yasnetsov, S.G.Anikin, S.E. worked in this era in this era.Medvedev, sculptors Alexei Georgievich Sotnikov, Pavel Mikhailovich Kozhin, Asta Davydovna Brzhezitskaya, Olga Mikhailovna Bogdanova, Nina Aleksandrovna Malysheva, Galina Dmitrievna Chechulina, Evgenia Ilyinichna Gatilova.The works of factory sculptors and artists are decorated with museums and art galleries of the country, are in demand among collectors around the world.The products of the factory masters were awarded with numerous prizes and awards.The sculpture of A. G. Sotnikov "Sokol", which received the Grand Prix medal in 1958 at the World Exhibition in Brussels, became a symbol of the Dulevo porcelain factory, and its graphic image - the enterprise trademark.In 1976, for outstanding achievements in the development of the porcelain industry, the plant was awarded the Order of Lenin.

The stigma of the early period of the Dulian porcelain factory.(1918-1962)