Partnership M.S.Kuznetsova


Partnership M.S.Kuznetsova

Kuznetsovsky porcelain is considered one of the national brands that have long been gaining worldwide fame. It began to produce it in 1832 , in the town of Dulevo.Unlike the Imperial Plant, which was constantly supported by the monarchy persons, and was created for money allocated from the treasury, the Kuznetsov porcelain factory was the brainchild of the Kuznetsov family-immigrants from old-building peasants.Starting his business - and this was originally a well -thought -out commercial project - from scratch, by the 20th century the tribal clan owned the largest in the Russian Empire and one of the best enterprises on the European continent.

Its annual turnover exceeded 7 million rubles and gave 2/3 of the income received as a whole from the total production of porcelain and faience of Russia.Kuznetsov managed to achieve such results in a difficult fight against competitors, using various, sometimes not quite honest methods.Much attention was also paid to the introduction of various technical innovations.

The Kuznetsov plant in Novocharitonovo Bronnitsky district of the Moscow province was founded in 1812, worked for more than 40 years and closed at the turn of the 1850s and 60s.The company belonged to the dynasty of the largest porcelain manufacturers of the second half of the XIX century.The enterprise produced porcelain, and according to some information since 1856 and faience.

The brands of this enterprise are quite diverse - enclosed in a circle, decorated with a vignette, have various options for the inscription "Factory of the Kuznetsov brothers."Most often, the brands are pressed, drawn in blue or green paint, sometimes spelling errors are found in writing a stigma. The plant in the Bronnitsy of the Novgorod province was acquired from P.K.Reichel (Mercury company) in 1892.After the re -equipment, he was launched in the work in 1893.He worked until 1917.The enterprise produced porcelain and earthenware.The brands on the products were identical with the Volkhov.But there were several of their brands different from other enterprises. The company in Georgin was launched in 1900 and worked until 1918, after which it turned into state property.The plant produced porcelain and earthenware products.The stigma was repeated by the Volkhov stigma, but with the addition of G.F., which meant the Georgian factory.